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Which superhero do you have most in common with?

Parenting can feel like you need superpowers. The people you spend all day trying to protect regularly conspire against you and you spend your day being physically manhandled by bald little people with a selfish agenda. You are in constant contact with dangerous substances and you save the day time and time again with little recognition.… Continue reading Which superhero do you have most in common with?

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A handy guide to making new ‘mum friends’.

I’m not a fan of the term ‘mum friends’, though I use it all the time. Why? Because it implies that I can only or should only be friends with someone because they have also grown/raised a small person and are in the process of teaching it how to be a normal human being. The simple… Continue reading A handy guide to making new ‘mum friends’.

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Are you visitor ready? 7 Top Tips.

There are two types of people. Those whose house is always in the kind of condition where visitors could drop by unannounced and they would not be embarrassed, then there are those whose house is just a little less ‘inviting’. Most of the time I have my hair scraped back, no make up on and… Continue reading Are you visitor ready? 7 Top Tips.

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2017. What is in store for our family?

2016 was a year of change for our family. Joe got promoted, we moved county, we had our first year as a married couple and our sweet baby turned into a rambunctious toddler. We are heading into 2017 full of excitement for what life will bring us. I envisage Joe will be working hard as… Continue reading 2017. What is in store for our family?

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Starting Nursery.

As a stay at home parent, I have always wondered if sending my toddler to nursery seems selfish. I worried that people would think I was lazy or didn’t enjoy my time with my daughter. I also worried that if I kept her home with me all of the time, she wouldn’t develop those crucial… Continue reading Starting Nursery.

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We’re in! The big move to Shropshire.

We did it!  I haven’t written anything in a long time, but it has been chaos with the move and Christmas and still doing the whole parenting/keeping my toddler alive thing. We have been without internet since we moved in which has been a nightmare as well, I used up all of my mobile data and… Continue reading We’re in! The big move to Shropshire.

Our New Home

How to Hygge-up your home.

So I am on the countdown to the big house move and I cannot wait to get my hands on the house to do it up. I am really into the whole ‘hygge’ movement at the moment and will be using it as a starting point as I think about how I want to decorate… Continue reading How to Hygge-up your home.

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The seven deadly sins of Christmas.

Christmas season is upon us. The time when even the most civilised of us lose our tiny minds in a desperate bid to keep everyone happy and not get ourselves in so much debt we have to remortgage our house. Whether you exhibit all of these seven deadly sins yourself, or you see them in… Continue reading The seven deadly sins of Christmas.

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Life’s short, Talk fast.

When you don’t have your mum around, you notice strong mother daughter relationships everywhere you look. They smack you in the face, whether it’s in Costa, at the cinema, in a shopping centre or more recently people mentioning their mums babysitting or offering parenting help. My own mother died when I was 15, before I… Continue reading Life’s short, Talk fast.

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Helicopter Mum.

Up until recently I was a helicopter mum. Well, I suppose I still am to a certain extent but recently I feel like I have really made some progress in loosening those apron strings a little. We went to a local softplay the other day and for the first time ever, I let her go. I didn’t put… Continue reading Helicopter Mum.