About Me

I’m Sammie, a mid twenties, married, mum of 2 year old Isabelle.

I love food too much, although sometimes my cooking is a bit hit and miss. It’s cliché but I drink wine on the weekends and far too much coffee in the week. I hate softplay, Peppa Pig and reading the same book 47 times in one day. However I do all of those things with a smile plastered on my face because I am a mum and that is just what we do. I am terrible at cleaning, my washing basket is always overflowing and I can often be heard muttering swear words under my breath and then turning them into innocent words if my daughter overhears me ‘Oh Bugger… yes we are having BURGERS for dinner sweetheart, yummy.’

Outside of my motherly duties, I am currently studying English Literature and Language with the Open University with the hope of eventually becoming a teacher/tutor/some kind of educator. I also dabble in a bit of You Tube yoga, although I am pretty awful at it.

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