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Friction Free Shaving: A Review by a normal mum who doesn’t shave her legs as often as she should.

So as I am always one to follow a trend (my copper and marble house will attest to that) I saw a review on Facebook for Friction Free Shaving and obviously signed up immediately. The review was by what I can only imagine to be a beauty blogger, she was gorgeous and heavily made up, sitting near a mirror in a gorgeous room and raving about the razors and how amazing they were.

Friction Free Subscription box Shaving Review

The thing is, there is a bit of a difference between a 20 something beauty blogger and a tired, slightly haggard mum. Granted, I am also only in my twenties but the fact that I never (and I mean never) get ID’d anymore probably means that I don’t actually look like it. In fact, 2 years ago at Tumble Tots with my newborn and I made friends with another mum, who went on to say she was glad she’s met someone her age with a baby. She was 32.

The point I am making is that sometimes it is helpful to have a review from someone probably outside the target market. I love beauty and I am reasonably young but I certainly do not shave my legs every day.  I love pretty things and trying new products but I also spend more time picking mouldy bath toys out of my bath than actually using it. Nonetheless, like I said, I signed up immediately. I went for the Samantha, not only is it rose gold (TREND ALERT) but it had my name, had to be done right? The premise is that you get a package through your letterbox once a month with 4 fresh blades in it. Amazing idea, there is nothing beats shaving with a brand new razor right?

In case you can’t read what the box says, it says: ‘ I met this blade on Monday, took it for a ride on Tuesday. We were feeling smooth on Wednesday, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I changed my blade on Sunday.’

I feel like it is also important to mention how much I loved the packaging. I am a big fan of witty promo, that is why I had my utilities with OVO energy (I really enjoy their humorous informal emails), it is why I love Abel and Cole and it is why I hold a little bit of a flame now for FFS (friction free shaving – see the pun?). The box when I opened it had a little rhyme parodying Craig David (genius) and even the little flyer tickled my fancy. Not only that but the razor itself is so damn sturdy. It is metal, not flimsy plastic. It doesn’t have fancy balms around the blades or anything like that but it is like using your husbands razor. It just feels sturdy.

I think we can all admit to pinching our fellas razors once in a while once our trusty Bic or Venus has gone a bit blunt right? The shave always seems much closer and it just feels a bit nicer. Which is why I love this product. I will say though, that as a busy and slightly lazy, married mum I do not need 4 fresh blades every month. I don’t need to be changing my razor blade once a week because I just don’t shave often enough to warrant it. There is the option to pause next months delivery, so this is something I think I will definitely be utilising moving forwards, so that I get a pack of blades every other month.

It isn’t even expensive. If you think about it, you spend about £10 buying a Venus razor for example, which you will never ever buy the blades for because they are so expensive, you will just pick up another £10 razor. I have been known to keep a manly blade on my razor for months because it is so expensive to buy fresh blades which is gross because you should change your blade much more often than that. But this is only £5 per month for the Frankie razor or £7 per month for the Samantha (which I have). If you have a pack of blades every other month like I intend to, it works out even better value.

It has even got to the point where my husband has become jealous of my nice fancy razor and my fresh blades being delivered that he asked me to find an equivalent subscription for him. So after some extensive googling I have signed him up to Bearded Colonel. I got him the fancy brush and cream and everything. It hasn’t arrived yet so I will update you on how that goes but definitely go and check out FFS. I’m loving it so far.

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