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Getting back into the Gym

I went to my first circuits class today and as I sit here writing this, I hurt so much. The muscles in my leg are just screaming. I had no idea what a circuits class involved and my gosh it is hard work. I have had a gym membership since the start of summer and not actually used it properly yet. Well, I attempted to use the gym once and realised I have no self motivation and left after 8 minutes and I attended a yoga class about a month ago but that’s pretty much it.

But I feel determined to make a change. I know I say that all the time, in fact you can probably find about five separate blog posts on here where I say I am going to diet or make a change or start exercising…yada yada yada. I’m not going to pretend there is anything different about this time, because every time I write those posts I really do mean it. And then I don’t.

Getting back into the Gym

I went to the class this morning with one of the school run mums that I recently made friends with though and that certainly made me try a bit harder – didn’t want to make a complete fool of myself. I am going to venture to yoga tomorrow morning even though I can already tell I will wake up stiff and sore. I just want to be fit and healthy, but I’m laziness seems to be so deeply ingrained in my very soul that I struggle to keep anything up or control myself around pasta and Oreos (yes they’re vegan).

I’m currently Googling ‘how to ease sore muscles’ so I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet and leave you to ponder your own health and fitness levels, which I bet are much better than mine. Let’s not even talk about the lady who was at lest 60 who was better than me at every exercise in the circuits class.

I do just want to touch on the elements of a conversation I had with my friend today after our class though. We got talking about our reasons for wanting to be healthy and how they are primarily driven by our desire to be there for our children.

Getting back into the Gym

I find myself very aware as I grow older, that soon I will be older than my mum ever was. She wasn’t a particularly unhealthy woman, she was much like me just a bit more overweight than she should have been and a bit lazy towards exercise. But she died in her mid 30’s and as I approach 30 that is mildly terrifying. Going vegan means I am already giving my body a fighting chance but it’s nothing compared to what doing a bit of exercise would do for me. I’ll leave it there.


How do you motivate yourself to exercise? What is your main driver?



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