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Life Lately: a lazy vegan, baby ballet, Youtube and Will Smith.

I’m starting a new blog series that I am going to call Life Lately. The idea is that all those posts that are just me rambling on about what I’ve got going on can be categorised under ‘Life Lately’ and if that kind of post floats your boat then you can read it and if not, you can skip past to my more interesting posts about veganism, minimalism or parenting. Now, when I say it’s been hard to be vegan recently I mean that I haven’t slipped up and eaten anything I shouldn’t have but I have been a really terrible, lazy vegan who has spend absolutely no time considering her health and wellbeing. The only time I have eaten anything remotely good for me has been when my husband has cooked it.

Vegan oat pancakes with blueberry sauce

My husband went away with work for a few weeks last month and that marked the start of a pretty rubbish month for me. I can never muster up the motivation to cook for myself when he isn’t here. Isabelle is a notoriously fussy 3 year old and so if I made proper vegan meals for us both she just wouldn’t eat anything. I am ashamed to say I have pretty much lived on takeaways, toast and beige crap for a month or so now. I also barely left the house and my anxiety flared up a little BUT, I am back on it. I had a chat with my husband last night and I feel a little more motivated now.

I have just made myself a couple of slices of toast with marmite and a milkshake with a ridiculous amount of spinach and banana in. I am getting back into reading my favourite recipe books/blogs (Deliciously Ella is always a good place to start, as are the Thug Kitchen books) and I am going to make sure I eat at least two portions of fruit or veg with every meal.

My favourite vegan recipe book - Thug Kitchen

I also need some fresh air so tomorrow we have planned to go and do the ‘Shropshire Rocks’ thing that seems to be sweeping our area as the latest popular craze. You decorate rocks with sharpies or paint and leave them around for people to find. When you find one you take a picture and post it to the Facebook group and hide it somewhere else for others to find! I think Isabelle will love it.

I have also made plans to keep myself busy for the next few weeks so that I don’t fall into the trap of getting all de-motivated and sad again when Joe (my husband) goes away to work again this month. Isabelle will be starting her free hours at nursery so I will have three mornings a week to myself to blog or go to the gym. I have also signed her up to a forest school one afternoon a week and baby ballet too. I think the cuteness of her in a tutu will kill me off so I’m really excited to see how she gets on with it. I did try her at baby ballet a year or so ago but she was too shy to take part, so hopefully the confidence she has gained at nursery since then will help her. She certainly doesn’t seem shy these days.

Life Lately: Porridge and Parenting

I have also been trying to psych myself up to start making Youtube videos. I keep filming myself talking and making videos but then either my phone decides to run out of storage so I can’t film any more or I fall at the editing hurdle. I think when Isabelle is back at nursery I will have a proper go at it. I do have a good camera but it doesn’t have a screen so you can see yourself so I have been using my iPhone to film. I would love the vloggers favourite camera – a G7X but they are a bit pricey considering I haven’t managed to upload anything or build up an audience yet. Maybe for Christmas… if I ever actually sort my self out over on Youtube.

On a final note, we are going to see Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff this weekend. I am ridiculously excited. Not only is it a date night for Joe and I, but who doesn’t love Will Smith? It is one of only two dates he has played this year and it takes place in Blackpool at the Livewire festival. We decided to treat ourselves and upgrade to VIP tickets which also includes an exclusive after party! I’m not much of a party go-er these days so fingers crossed I can keep up.

Life Lately: Porridge and Parenting

What’s been going on in your life lately? I would love to know.


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