19 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s been a while. But I feel like we are somewhat out of the danger zone now.

I had my ’20 week’ anomaly scan last week on Friday – when I was exactly 19 weeks. We all call it the 20 week scan because it’s the one we tend to have it at 20 weeks but they are actually pretty common any time between 19 and 21 weeks. So there’s that.

It all went well – as far as scans go.

I went on my own, which I was quite anxious about in case there were any problems. It was fine though, the sonographer was really chatty and explained everything she was doing and seeing. It was fascinating. Baby’s hands were up by her face for most of the scan and I got some excellent pictures of what looked like her hi-5’ing and doing thumbs up.

I do have to go back for a follow up scan though. The sonographer has a check list of things that they are looking out for when they perform this scan and there were a couple of things that were difficult to see, due to the baby’s position. Mainly that was her face, where they check for a cleft lip.

There was also some concern with my placenta and its position. It is quite low lying at the moment which can present a problem when it comes to later pregnancy and birth as the placenta could be covering the cervix – which is essentially the babies way out!

She didn’t actually tell me quite how much of my cervix was covered at this point but I’m trying to stay positive. I went on to Google straight away (which was a massive mistake) and read all kinds of horror stories about low lying placentas eventually becoming a placenta prevue (where the cervix is completely covered) and women going on bed rest for months because of bleeding risks and the need for a C-Section delivery.

For me, a C-section is my worst case scenario in terms of how I would like to deliver this baby. Obviously all I want is a healthy baby but the delivery and birth is a big deal – theres no minimising that. So the thought of a c-section instead of the natural hypnobirth that I had planned is mildly terrifying.

The risks of the placenta moving up and away from the cervix is very good though overall, as the pregnancy progresses and my bump grows. So fingers crossed this happens for me.

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