2017. What is in store for our family?

2016 was a year of change for our family. Joe got promoted, we moved county, we had our first year as a married couple and our sweet baby turned into a rambunctious toddler. We are heading into 2017 full of excitement for what life will bring us.

I envisage Joe will be working hard as usual, he is the kind of guy that really does give everything 100%. Isabelle will be starting nursery tomorrow and that alone will no doubt bring about massive changes for our family. For me in particular I think, I will get time to concentrate more on my blog and my studies. I will also get a little bit of alone time and time with my husband. She also turns 3 this year, so she will get her free government hours at nursery after the summer, which is a bonus! I can’t believe she is nearly 3. We are working hard on potty training at the moment which is all great when we are in the house, I just can’t figure out how we are supposed to ever actually leave it without a nappy or a pull up on. Hopefully 2017 will be the year we ditch the nappies and pull ups for good. Watch this space.

Most of 2017’s time and money will no doubt be spent decorating our new house. It is white throughout and very bare at the moment, I can’t wait to put my stamp on it. Expect lots of ‘hauls’ and pictures of copper things that I have bought (I’m nothing if not easily influenced by fellow bloggers and vloggers much to my husbands dismay).

I bought four of these copper mugs. You can’t put them in the dishwasher and this makes me sad however they will look beautiful on the shelf I have seen in IKEA.

I plan on taking care of myself a little more this year. I have already been for a haircut and colour, I walked out of the salon feeling like an absolute goddess but I can’t for the life of me recreate the look at home and so I still look as disheveled as ever… just without the roots and split ends. I have had my eyebrows done too an let me tell you, it makes so much difference to my mood. After a slight…shall we say mishap, with a HD brow treatment I had last year I have been letting them grow out for the last 3 months and I have hated every second of it. It is a ridiculous petty thing, I know, but I just feel crappy with bushy unkempt eyebrows. I finally think I have found ‘the one’ though. The eyebrow technician of my dreams. I have spent my whole life searching and she was hiding here in Shropshire the whole time. She also specialises in HD brows so maybe, just maybe, I might dabble with that treatment again once she has learnt my trust.

‘The HD Mishap of 2016’. Yep, that is a big hairless gap in my eyebrow and yes I did cry.


I have signed up to FFS (Friction Free Shaving). A subscription box with a fresh new razor blade for every week. I am really happy with it so far. I ordered the 3 blade razor to start with and it is really sturdy, solid metal and feels like the real deal. I actually cut myself a few times as I was so used to shaving with a crappy plastic razor that this fresh sturdy blade took me by surprise! I have just upgraded my account to the ‘Samantha’ razor though (it was rose gold… I literally couldn’t stop myself) and that is a 5 blade razor so I am expecting great things. I think I will go for Bi Monthly blades rather than a box of four every month, I don’t shave my legs often enough to warrant a new blade every week. Slight overshare there but meh.


On the subject of subscription boxes I have also rejoined Birchbox! I love this subscription box. 5 mini samples of high end make up or beauty products every month, sometimes you even get a regular sized product and it is always worth more than the £10 subscription fee that you pay. I find it hard to justify going out and spending £30 on a new lipstick so this method of trying new products is perfect for me. I also really enjoy the surprise of opening the box and trying things I wouldn’t usually pick up in store.


On top of all of this, I am getting back into getting my nails done every few weeks with Shellac. Again, it just makes me feel better. More groomed and put together. I feel shallow that all of these things are beauty related but I just want to feel a bit better and look a bit better and just enjoy being a mid twenties woman a bit more, rather than feeling like a dried out, past it old mother.

I am also hopeful for a holiday this year. We didn’t manage to get away last year and I was reluctant to go on a plane while my girl was still so young and unpredictable. I feel like she is at an age where I could keep her entertained for a few hours now though, so I am really hoping we manage to take a holiday abroad at some point. I would love to go to Italy or somewhere like that. Aside from all of those thrilling plans, we will just be spending time as a family and learning all about our new area. We are really enjoying adventuring and discovering new places nearby. Nice quaint little pubs, farm shops, parks, shopping centres. We are really happy here.




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