3 Reasons I hide from my kid sometimes.

I really love my three year old (that’s the disclaimer we all have to say before we complain, am I right?!) but good grief she is driving me insane at the moment. She is the sweetest, most loving kid and she is pretty well behaved too, but she has developed some of the most infuriating habits that make me want to scream into a pillow. I’m losing my shit a little bit at the moment and I need to talk about it before I explode. I know it is frowned upon to whinge about your kids, but most people complain to their husbands and I don’t have that release. He is so busy with work right now that I barely get time to see him, so I don’t want to just moan at him the minute I do get five minutes with him! I also don’t have too many friends around here since we moved so theres no one to talk to that ‘gets it’ either. So you, good people of the internet can listen instead. Sorry about that. Though I guess if you have found this post then you are most likely in the same boat. So here we go, 3 reasons I hide from my kid sometimes:


I was concerned about this one to start with. It started whenever she watched TV (which I thought was weird considering the TV is quite far away from where she sits and up on the wall so I knew it couldn’t be straining her eyes), she then started doing it whenever she looked at someone to talk to them and now it is just ALL THE TIME. I took her to the opticians to check there was nothing wrong and they said her vision was perfect, so why is she still doing it?! I try and pull her up on it with a simple ‘stop squinting’ every time I catch her doing it because I don’t want it to become a habit that sticks around for when she starts school. Kids can be cruel, I don’t want them to have any ammunition to tease my sweet little child because she wouldn’t hack it. She’s a people pleaser, it would destroy her to get bullied and even just thinking about it makes me want to wrap her up in a duvet and never let her leave the house.

Shout Talking

She never talks at a normal volume. Ever. With a husband that works nights and sleeps during the day, this is obviously a problem. It is also quite jolting to get shouted at first thing in the morning, when you haven’t even had a coffee yet. I have tried the ‘inside voices!’ thing but she doesn’t seem to realise she is even doing it. The more excitable she gets, the louder she gets. I know this is probably a normal toddler thing but like I said earlier, I don’t have anyone to actually discuss this with in real life so I have to talk about it somewhere. I spend about 80% of my day saying ‘You don’t need to shout, I’m right next to you, I can hear you’. *screams into pillow*.

Incessant Talking

She never stops. The narration of the day begins from about 6am and then just continues straight through to bedtime. If I’m busy or not talking back, she talks to herself. She narrates what she is doing. I have even noticed her talking in her sleep recently. It is exhausting. I’m not a particularly confident driver either so this is where I find it the most difficult as I need to concentrate, not answer a million questions (often the same question phrased slightly differently) about whatever she has decided to fixate on that day. It starts off with mum gritting my teeth and saying in my most lovely Mary Poppins voice ‘just give me a minute sweetheart, mummy needs to concentrate’. I say that about 3 times. Then I get more irate and move on to ‘Isabelle, mummy needs quiet time in the car so I can drive, can you stop talking please’. I say that about 5 times. Until I completely lose my mind and shout ‘Isabelle for Christs Sake please be quiet I’m trying to drive!!!’. I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is. She still doesn’t stop, by the way. Yes, I give her toys and snacks and everything possible to defer her attention but it doesn’t work. Nothing works.

My brother in law described her as having ‘no chill’ recently and that is exactly right. She can’t just ‘be’ for five minutes. I find myself just going away to hide sometimes, which is exactly where I am now. Hiding in my office while she watches a movie. It is 8am and she has been talking at me since 6am.

Reasons I hide from my kid.

I know it isn’t nice to moan about your kids and I am aware that one day as an adult she may come across this but if she does then at least if/when she has her own children she will know it is normal for it not to all be sunshine and rainbows all the time. I love her to bits and she is still the sweetest, kindest kid I have ever come across but I really, really hope these habits die down soon. Before I lose my sanity completely.

I reached out to some fellow bloggers in a desperate bid to feel like I’m not alone and asked them what their children do that makes them want to curl up in a ball and hide and the answers were quite familiar!

Lyndsey from said ‘Erin has got a thing about grinding her teeth at the minute. She’s too young to understand why not to do it so I just have to let her get on with it!

Ayse from gets annoyed because ‘Pops loves to hold food in her mouth and it drives me mad. I must tell her to chew about 1000 times a day!’

Samantha from has the common problem of ‘The whiney voice!! It is very annoying’

Jenna from gets frustrated by ‘the fact that she constantly changes her mind all the time about everything’

Samantha from said ‘Walking home from school with my three children and they all try and get my attention and talk at the same time rather than taking turns like I continuously ask. It drives me insane!’

Victoria from can’t abide the ‘Screeching! A big horrible ‘eeeeew’ sound which goes right through me if I tell her off sometimes or she doesn’t want to do what I’ve asked! It’s the worst sound I’ve ever heard!’

Lianne from shares a problem with me in the her children are always ‘asking me over and over for something! When I’m in the middle of doing said something!’

Christy from has one I’ve not encountered before in that her son ‘scrapes his nails down things. The side of his bed, the sofa, the cushions etc. He loves to feel his nails running across things but it makes awful scratching noises and it drives me nuts!’

Another one I have to content with is shared by Nicola from because her son likes ‘standing on things! If I had a pound for everytime he stood on something, I’d have enough money to replace all the things he breaks by standing on them!’.


So there we have it. You’re not alone mamas. Now excuse me while I go and scream into my pillow.



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  1. Totally relate to this! My 4 year old never stops talking or just making random noise! Also the running commentary of what he’s doing get right on my pip! Sometimes there’s just not enough coffee (or gin) in the world to ease the pain!

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