30 Weeks Pregnant

I cannot believe that today I turn 30 weeks pregnant.

It is insane.

That feels like, super pregnant.

I waddle now and everything.

Considering the whole gestational diabetes thing, it is highly likely I won’t make it to my due date with this little baby and as such I could have only 7 weeks left of being pregnant, most likely for the last ever time (I don’t plan on having any more!).

I’m really enjoying pregnancy this time around, more because I think I am much more relaxed. I have done this before, I know I can do it.

30 Weeks Pregnant

It has had it’s fair share of (mild) complications, sure.

Firstly, they were concerned my placenta was covering my cervix at my 20 week scan. This can mean that if it doesn’t move up and out of the way, vaginal birth is a big no go and it’s a C-Section all the way.

I freaked out quite a lot about this to begin with but I have kind of come to terms with it now. What will be, will be. Either way, I will get my baby at the end of it. A C-Section for me is just a more inconvenient and if truth me told, scarier way of getting there.

I dont actually know if it has moved yet so the C-Section is still on the table until my next scan.

Speaking of my next scan…

I have it next week and it will be not only to check the position of my placenta but also to check on the size of the baby, because of the whole gestational diabetes thing.

Babies can grow much larger when the mother has gestational diabetes so they like to keep an eye on you. It is also why they rarely let you go overdue because of the risks of having a big baby etc.

Thirdly, I also now have low iron.

Frustratingly, they tell you to take your iron tablets with a glass of orange juice to help absorption, but I can’t actually drink OJ because of the sugar content. The iron thing does explain how exhausted I feel and the lightheadedness I have been experiencing lately though, which is reassuring somehow.

I’m hoping taking the iron tablets with strawberries (and cream for that GD pairing!) might help as strawberries are high in vitamin c too.

Nevertheless, I feel ok right now. Tired, heavy, big and very pregnant. But ok.

It’s tough because my husband is in his busiest time at work right now and rarely around but I am keeping myself and Belle busy and before we know it, Christmas will be here and so will this baby.

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