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34 Weeks Pregnant: Nesting and achey legs

I’ve got it into my head that because Isabelle was born at 37 weeks, this baby will be too.

Which is just the worst thing for a pregnant person to get into their head because inevitably if this baby is born after 37 weeks I am going to be so damn miserable. I’m 34 weeks now and I keep automatically telling myself I only have three weeks to go until baby is full term and her arrival is imminent. And it has sent me a bit wappy.

I’m nesting. Like seriously nesting.

My bags are packed. I am good to go.

I’ve had my husband rearranging our entire house. We now have a dining room where we didn’t before and today we are off to B&Q to buy pink paint, because the shade of pink we have on the nursery wall at the moment isn’t quite the right shade.

Minimalist Dining Room

It’s funny because I know I’m being crazy, I just can’t help myself. Everything needs to be perfect.¬†Weirdly though, I don’t feel all that stressed about not having all the ‘stuff’ that I might need for when she arrives.

I still don’t have enough clothes, I don’t have a bouncer chair or a carrier/wrap thingy. But, there’s Amazon Prime for all that stuff, right?

Other updates and symptoms for this week include general exhaustion, feeling like a giant whale and just not really being able to do a lot without considerable discomfort.

I keep getting the most awful aching in my legs that keeps me awake for hours at night. Not restless leg syndrome and not leg cramps… almost like growing pains. Those kind of aches. I wonder if it is water retention or swelling or something.

Very few of my clothes still fit me. I’m cramming my bump into the one pair of maternity jeans that I have and pulling them up every two seconds. Putting on shoes is a long forgotten art and my coat has reached the stage where it just doesn’t do up over the belly any more.

34 Weeks Pregnant

I’m looking forward to getting my body back now. These last few weeks of pregnancy are brutal. I struggle to sleep or get comfy and on top of that every little thing that happens with my body I’m like ‘Is this it?! Is this labour starting?!’

On the plus side, I don’t seem to be putting on much weight at the moment. Must be the gestational diabetes diet. Which fills me with hope for when the baby actually arrives, I won’t be left with a ginormous amount to lose. And breastfeeding should hopefully help with that too.

34 Weeks Pregnant

The only other thing to talk about really are the ‘fanny daggers’. Not the most elegant of terms but if you have ever been pregnant at this stage I’m confident you know what I’m talking about. The shooting, stabbing pains right in the cervix. Lightening crotch is another term I believe some people use. It literally takes my breath away sometimes.

I would love to know what it is. Is it her head? Is it a nerve or something? I have no idea. But my gosh its painful.

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