4 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy after miscarriage and how I feel.

I’m not entirely sure when I am going to ‘announce’ but I tested this morning and discovered that I am in fact PREGNANT! Very exciting. It is 5th June 2018 as I write this, but you guys are obviously not going to see this for a while.

4 Weeks Pregnant: Slimming World, Pregnancy after miscarriage and how I feel.

It’s a bit strange that it has happened this month actually. I have always had perfect 28 day cycles and yet the last two or three months they have been nearer 35 days. Which was quite worrying and kind of made me think something wasn’t right and it wasn’t going to happen any time soon. Today should be day 28 so I’m not entirely sure where that puts me with my cycles being a bit all over the place but I’m sure the midwife will be able to make a bit more sense of it once I give her all my dates.

We discovered that I had miscarried at the end of last year when I was 8 weeks, baby had not grown past 6 weeks and the actual ‘miscarriage process’ didn’t happen until I was 10 weeks. That was pretty rough, those two weeks of knowing the baby had gone and yet I was technically still carrying it was brutal.

I am obviously starting this pregnancy with a bit of apprehension due to that but I am trying my hardest to be positive and not dwell on what could be. Pregnancy after a miscarriage is completely different to the pregnancy I had with Isabelle. It is almost like I have lost my innocence.

Nevertheless, I am excited.

4 Weeks Pregnant: Slimming World, Pregnancy after miscarriage and how I feel.

I’m going to try not to buy anything until the 12 weeks mark when we have had the scan though – just in case. I imagine I will be retaking pregnancy tests quite a lot too. Just for reassurance.

I need to phone the doctors tomorrow to make my booking in appointment and overall I actually feel pretty good symptom wise. I have sore boobs and feel a little bit bleugh every now and again, but no sickness as of yet. I seem to have had a fair few headaches though and my hay fever is horrendous right now. I’m not actually sure there is anything that is safe for me to take for hay fever while I’m pregnant – I need to look into that. Headache wise I am going to get myself one of those 4head sticks and hope for the best.

Apparently the baby is the size of a poppyseed right now – which is cute.

4 Weeks Pregnant: Slimming World, Pregnancy after miscarriage and how I feel.

I started taking a pregnancy multivitamin this morning after I found out and I will have to cut down my coffee to one a day and give up my weekend gin obviously.

Please cross your fingers for me. I’m desperate for this pregnancy to work out.

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