9 Things I’m going to learn in 2019

It’s good to learn right?!

Sure, 9 things might be a bit ambitious, but humour me. I’m feeling like 2019 might be the year of self improvement.

I know everyone says that in the new year but, I’m saying it anyway.

So here it is, the 9 things I’m going to learn in 2019:

1. How to Breastfeed

With my second baby due early in 2019 and my plans to breastfeed this was a pretty obvious contender for the number one thing I plan to learn.

Sounds like a weird thing to ‘learn’ but I think I would be naive to think that breastfeeding won’t be something both me and the baby have to work at and figure out. 

But I plan to nail it with books, as much hands on help as I can get and a bloody tenacious attitude.

I didn’t breastfeed my first child so I’m a bit apprehensive but, I’ve got this.


2. How to Sleep

This sounds even weirder than the breastfeeding one. I get it.

But then again, with a newborn baby a good night’s sleep is going to be rare and much sought after. I need to maximise the sleep that I do get and get as much out of it as humanly possible.

There are books that are supposed to help you learn how to get the most out of your sleep which I plan on reading (check out this post for more about this!) and I also have got the Headspace app. I do love a meditation at bedtime, they always send me right off. 

3. How to use WordPress 

Obviously I use WordPress to write this blog, but I feel like I’m using it in a very basic way. I think I can do better. 

I’m sure there are definitely things I could learn to make the entire blogging process slicker, quicker and just overall more professional.

4. How to be more productive

Naturally, I am lazy AF. I hate jobs. I hate getting stuff done. I much prefer sitting with a cuppa and watching Netflix. 

But I’m about to have two kids, a dog, a house to run, a blog to run and a husband to organise so I need to get it together a bit I think.

I always envy those mums that work and nail mum life, they are like organisational machines and I think I could learn a thing or two!

First up, is implementing some kind of routine – which I guess will take a little while with the arrival of the new baby but I am confident we will get there.

Theres a book called Getting things Done I believe that I am going to hunt down and study.

5. How to minimalise and simplify

I already think I am pretty minimalist but again, I can do better. 

I do tend to buy a lot of crap I don’t need, which a few months later ends up at the tip or the charity shop. Which isn’t ideal. 

I want everywhere in my house to only have things in it that I want, love or need.

6. How to reduce waste

I suppose this leads on quite nicely from number five doesn’t it. If I buy less crap, I throw away less crap right?

I already have set myself a little challenge of only putting my recycling boxes out once a month instead of every fortnight in an effort to make myself think more about what I am using / buying. 

But I also think I need to tackle my black bin waste – the stuff that goes to landfill. As a society we are consumers and we are consuming all of our resources at a frightening rate. It has to change.

And change starts with the individual, at home.

Single use plastic is obviously a big one which we have already started trying to tackle in our house but it isn’t easy by any means. It’s ongoing – but in 2019 I want to smash it.

7. More about the fashion industry

I don’t mean I want to be the next Gigi Hadid, I just mean I want to know where my stuff comes from and what it is doing to the environment and how I can help. 

I love a Primark haul as much as the next person, but 2018 saw the big hype about the Stacey Dooley documentary and the true cost of our fast fashion habits. 

I’ve managed to get through this pregnancy with only a handful of new items bought to fit the ever growing bump and I have already been through my wardrobe recently to make a pile for the charity shop and minimise what I have in there.

My plan is to only buy pieces that all work together and will last me longer. I’m not saying im no longer going to shop at Primark or New Look etc, far from it. Just that I am going to think more about what I buy, what it will work with in my wardrobe already and how I can style it. In an attempt to stop buying throwaway pieces I will only wear once. 

8. How to clean

I know how to clean, but like not how to clean

You know?

I try my best to follow The Organised Mum Method but I have definitely let it slip these last few weeks. I need to develop a routine and stick to it. Consistently. 

I like to use natural products where I can, so I want to look into that more. At the moment I really like Method products but I have also heard good things about Splosh and I’ve tried out the Tesco Eco range too which is great. 

I wonder if I can make my own natural products? And how effective they would be? Thats one to think about I reckon!

Especially once this baby comes along and turns everything upside down. 

9. How to keep my cool

I get anxiety when things don’t go according to the very careful plans I have mapped out in my head and as you likely know, it is very difficult to have very careful plans mapped out in your head when you have small children.

I need to learn how to go with the flow a bit better and work with what I’ve got each day.

I don’t want to be the same person I was, when I had just had my first child. I was an anxious mess who didn’t want to deviate from the carefully constructed routine that the internet told me I should have with my baby for fear of them turning into a delinquent.

Not this time. This time I am going to learn to take each day as it comes. Sure, I can have plans and routine but I can also flex those plans and routines and still be efficient and productive and most of all, calm


What do you plan to learn in 2019 to improve yourself? Any ideas or tips for me would be greatly appreciated!


9 things I plan to learn in 2019 to make me a better person.

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