A Bedroom make over for my four year old.

It feels like five minutes ago that we turned the spare room into a playroom for her and then BOOM – pregnant. 

Sorry kid, but we need that room now for your sister. 

Playroom Decor. A Bedroom make over for my four year old.

So with our spare room now spoken for, we needed to look into toy storage and just general storage for my big girl. Hence – the bedroom makeover. Which basically involved a trip to Ikea and an online Next Home order.

Ikea Book Shelves

We started with the little stuff – weirdly.

I wanted to have her books displayed so she could easily see them and the Ikea Flisat range was perfect for that.

I popped up a few ordinary Ikea shelves too and got a Kallax unit (everyone has one of these right?!) for all of her toys and bits and bobs.

I also ordered some new wardrobes from Next for her. We went for the Flynn Triple Wardrobe in white – which also helpfully had a big mirror on it which I use pretty much every day because I don’t have a full length mirror in my room!

A 32 week bump shot complete with grubby kid finger marks on the mirror and her discarded pants on the floor. You’re welcome.

It is a bit of a giant wardrobe for a four year old – I’ll admit. However I really like that I can use one section of it for school stuff and the other for home stuff and general storage. 

We also ordered her a new ‘big girl’ bed. 

A Bedroom make over for my four year old.

She has had the Ikea Extendable bed for a while, which was great for that cot to bed transition. It was small, low to the ground and perfect for the toddler years but I felt it was time she could progress to something a bit more grown up. 

We went for the Next Compton Bed and it took ages to come in stock but it has finally arrived and we LOVE it. 

It’s not too high, has plenty of storage underneath and she feels like an absolute boss climbing a ladder to go to bed every night. 

We were also lucky enough to be sent a new mattress to review, which coincided beautifully with the new bed frame arrival. 

We’ve had the Nectar Sleep Single mattress and my god it is soft. It is super thick and has a ‘full comfort’ guarantee and a forever warranty. Which is pretty amazing.

A Bedroom make over for my four year old.

Look how thick it is!

I also really liked that although it came conveniently rolled up in a box like other memory foam mattresses, it didn’t have that chemical smell that seems to take an age to disappear.

It has loads of different elements too the mattress itself, which make it practical as well as comfortable. I especially like the cooling layer, because I don’t know about your kids, but mine is THE sweatiest sleeper I have ever known.

If you need them to, they can take away your old mattress for you which is super helpful.

The mattress itself is made in the UK and ours arrived really quickly and once we unboxed it, it pretty much sprang straight up into shape. 

You can buy a Nectar Sleep Single Mattress for around £399 right now (as of 12th Dec 2018) and they have a two free pillow deal on right now too. You can also choose to split the cost and pay monthly too which I think is a great idea. 

She’s after some unicorn bedding now apparently and I need to style the shelves etc but I think I’m going to wait until after Christmas to sort that. Once I know what stuff we’ve got to work with. 




**As I said earlier, the Nectar mattress was sent to us free of charge in return for an honest review here on my blog. All thoughts are my own, I haven’t been paid for this post and I haven’t been told what to say either. The link to the Nectar Sleep website IS an affiliate link so if you choose to buy a mattress using that link I make a few pennies commission. 

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