A BIG change – and a red wine hot chocolate

WE ARE MOVING!! I have spoken about how things are always hectic in our family before and true to form yet again, we are making a big life change.

There, I said it. Yep, that’s right our little family of porridge lovers is moving to Shropshire. My god Shropshire is beautiful. We are buying a new build and I am really excited about it.

I’m not sure if we are being a bit mental. We don’t know anyone in Shropshire, we don’t know anyone from Shropshire, but we have been going every weekend since September and every single time we fall in love with it a little bit more. But now I can drive (YES I finally passed my test), we have so much more freedom to go anywhere we want.

We put our house on the market last week and sold it (ever so slightly under the asking price) in 2 days! Joe, bless him, has done so much work on the house so I was pleased to see that it clearly paid off. We should be in our new house by Christmas! It does kind of mean Christmas is all but cancelled (bar a few token presents for the little one of course) because it is likely we will be moving on Christmas week and Joe can’t take any time off work so it will be very hectic, but it is all a positive change for our family and I cannot wait!

I am drowning in a mountain of paperwork in relation to the move and so I treated myself to the latest ‘trendy’ hot chocolate which has a dash of red wine in it. It really is an absolute winner. Tastes so good. My sister in law was skeptical but even she loved it when I made her one yesterday. All in all, things are good.






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