A Christmas Gift Guide: The Homeware Edition

Is it just me, or is buying presents for your husband or the man in your life really tricky?

I mean, maybe it isn’t just men as I can obviously only speak from my own experiences, but maybe it is the concept of buying a gift for your significant other. Which is strange because they should be the person that are the easiest to buy for as by rights, you should know them better than anyone else! Nevertheless, every birthday and Christmas I start to get cold sweats thinking about what on earth I’m going to get him that isn’t the latest overpriced Playstation or Xbox, which usually resorts in my cop out gift of tickets to some kind of event. But then he has nothing to open and I feel terrible.

This is year is no different, however this year I have a plan.

Or rather, we have a plan that we agreed to follow for each other. We have decided that now that we have been in our house for almost a year we would like it to be closer to being finished, I mean we still don’t even have wardrobes. So this year, we are going to buy each other house bits and bobs instead of the more personal Christmas Gifts this year. Decorative items or practical items that we actually need, but also give us  something we can wrap up to pop under the tree.

When Uncommon Goods got in touch with me to see if I liked the look of anything on their website, I lost my head a little bit. It is right up my street and perfect for what I was thinking for Christmas Gifts this year.  Most of their items are made by hand and they really try to showcase and provide a platform for artists and designers.

Now, I’m not going to lie, doing this kind of ‘alternative’ approach to buying presents for each other massively comes out in my favour as I am the one who is actually interested in how we style our house. However, I know my husbands style and I know he will love all of this stuff even if he pretends not to be bothered.

So first off we have the Blowing Leaves Copper Mobiles.

I am in love with this.

I can see it dangling delicately in the corner of my bedroom near my bed, or over my new side table in the lounge. You all know I am a copper loving cliche and if you saw one of my recent Instagram posts I actually just got a print of a coppery coloured Autumn leaf in a frame in my lounge so I feel kinda like it was MEANT TO BE. Right? Right?!

An Alternative Gift Guide: The Homeware Edition

Look how beautiful and delicate it is though… I want billions of them just all over my house so it just makes my life into an Autumn Wonderland.

Next up is this Fire Escape Shelf:

An Alternative Gift Guide: The Homeware Edition

How ruddy cool is this?!

I can see this up on the wall in the master bedroom (don’t be confused if I talk about the master bedroom and my bedroom, we have a spare double bedroom where I keep all of my clothes and make up bits so that I don’t disturb my husband who works shifts by clattering about getting ready each morning. The Master bedroom has to remain slightly more ‘man friendly’ to appease my long suffering husband but the spare bedroom is going to look like a pink glittery unicorn threw up in there).

Anyway as I was saying before explaining my house situation, this would look amazing in the master bedroom. I would keep it really minimalist, as is the theme of my house and style it with perhaps a potted plant (fake, of course) and maybe some kind of book or trinket?

Finally, is this coffee table book:

An Alternative Gift Guide: The Homeware Edition

Now admittedly, this is pricey for a book at first glance. But this isn’t just a book, it is a personalised birthday edition of the New York Times! How cool is this? I really hope I am not the only person who has ‘coffee table books’. These are basically decorative books that are quirky and interesting that you leave out in obvious places like sideboards or coffee tables (hence the name) as a decorative item. This would totally be going on my side table and it would look amazing. My husband would love how quirky this is too, it is a real talking piece.

Next is this Ticket Stub Diary:


An Alternative Gift Guide: The Homeware Edition

I already mentioned that I tend to buy tickets to events or shows as a gift when I don’t know what to get and I know that my husband went to loads in his youth before we met too, so how amazing is this?! What a great place to store all those little stubs or mementos from your first date or amazing experiences you shared together, that normally get lost in the bottom of your bag or in some box somewhere because you couldn’t bear to part with them but had nowhere to store them appropriately. In fact, my sister in law would love this, this is right up her street. This would be a great gift for someone going off to uni or college too or someone around that kind of age.

You can never have too many candles right?

So here, we have more:

An Alternative Gift Guide: The Homeware Edition

I am adding this in because I want it, ok?! I’m really terrible for that, buying gifts for my husband that I actually want. That’s a terrible thing to admit isn’t it. But I’m doing it anyway in the desperate hope that he sees this and buys them for me. God I love a candle.

Finally, this is not for my husband or relevant to this gift guide at all buy these are so cool and fit in so well with the way I live my life that I had to mention them: Eco Friendly Crayons! These would be the best stocking filler for my daughter who is colouring obsessed.




Ok so that is it!

There are loads more things on that website that I could have put in this gift guide, I kind of wanted everything but at the risk of boring you to death I have kept it short (wish) and sweet.




*As always, in the interests of full disclosure, Uncommon Goods got in touch with me about writing this gift guide and compensated me for my time but all of my thoughts and opinions are my own and I had free range to choose what I chose to write about and feature in this post.



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