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A Clean Slate for 2019: 5 Things I plan to reset

Theres just something about the New Year isn’t there.

That whole ‘New year, New me’ thing is powerful. It got me thinking recently about the changes I want to make next year.I have already done a few posts on what I want 2019 to look like but this is about where I specifically want to hit the reset button in 2019.

1 . My Wardrobe / Style

It’s so easy to be a slave to places like Primark offering cheap, fast fashion clothes.

I have found that these last few months, being pregnant I haven’t bought all that much clothes wise because it has felt like a complete waste of money to buy clothes I will only be wearing for a short time. But then I realised, that is actually what I do every time I buy clothes.

I buy cheap and I buy often.

So for 2019 I want to be more mindful. I want to buy things that I truly love and that will stand the test of time, style wise.

I’m not saying I won’t be heading into Primark or anything like that, but more that I will be looking at neutrals, things that already match loads of other things in my wardrobe and things that won’t be out of fashion in the next three months. Things that I wear or use everyday, I would like to be of a higher quality so that I truly love them. Like purses and bags.

I also plan to get my ears pierced in the New Year, which may not seem like a big deal to you guys but to me – actually is. I’m going to treat myself to some really nice earrings once I have had them done.

2 . My Time

Being 33 weeks pregnant, I find myself thinking a lot about time. Thinking about how much I have left of being pregnant. Willing it to go faster or slower, depending on how I’m feeling that day.

I’m quietly confident (but I suppose who knows really?!) that this will be my last pregnancy and so I find myself wanting to savour it. I waited a long time to feel this baby moving inside me and now I feel it so often – it’s actually quite painful and I find myself wanting it to die down a little so I can rest.

I suppose the whole of parenthood is like that though, isn’t it? Wanting your baby to reach that next milestone but when they do, it’s bittersweet.

I want to really enjoy the newborn bit this time around.

I want to savour those sofa snuggles and the smell of her newborn head. I want to pull up the drawbridge and spend time in bed just cuddling her and resting whenever I can ( not always easy when you have children already – of course).

I want to make sure that my time in 2019 is spent mindfully.

Doing things I want to do, that I enjoy doing.

Spending time with my children, time where I am actually present and just enjoying their company. Especially with my eldest now at school – time with her is much more rare and the time after school she is often tired and a bit overstimulated. Which isn’t exactly a recipe for quality fun, family time!

3 . My Diet

I use the term diet in the broad sense here. I am NOT going on a diet. I just want to be more conscious of what and how I am eating.

I enjoy eating in a more plant based way, but this year has seen it slip a lot for me with cheese and dairy creeping back in to being a daily occurrence. Especially with my gestational diabetes diagnosis. Trust me when I tell you, I wouldn’t know what on earth to eat if I couldn’t eat dairy at the moment.

A Clean Slate for 2019: 5 Things I plan to reset

Once I have had the baby, I really want to get back into it. I think it will make me feel good after having had a baby and hopefully, alongside my plans to breastfeed it will benefit me with any weight loss and getting back to my self again. As well as being healthier for the baby while I’m feeding her of course.

I want to go back to getting weekly Abel and Cole deliveries and eating more seasonably and sustainably. I would like to see us just as a family, change our eating habits to habits which are more healthy.

4 . My Finances

I am so, so rubbish with money.

Always have been, always will be.

Alongside wanting to be better with what clothes I am buying, I want to just overall be more mindful of what I am spending. I would like to spend in a way that is planned and intentional rather than impulsive.

I would like 2019 to be the year we make sure we are fully set up for the future. I’m talking pension pots being all in order mainly (hunting down all those old ones from jobs gone by in my case!). I’ve been looking at Pension Bee for this and they seem super handy.

I just want to get my ducks in a row and be more mindful.

5 . Life Admin

2019 needs to be the year I get my shit together.

A Clean Slate for 2019: 5 Things I plan to reset

I need to sort out a will, get all of our paperwork digitalised where possible and filed easily and sensibly where not. I actually just discovered the Adobe Scan app which is really good for receipts and things like that.

I also want to spend some time unsubscribing from the tonne of emails I get each day that aren’t relevant and sorting out my gmail accounts.

I want to make sure as much of my life is automated and digitalised as possible – basically. I’m about to have two tiny humans to look after, I need to make things easy for myself.

I want to be more organised with meal planning, food shopping and budgeting, following a cleaning schedule. I want to plan in hair appointments, nail appointments, eye test, dentist checks and things like that and ACTUALLY write them down and go. Rather than being 3 months overdue for things and feeling bad about myself.

Basically – all the stuff I imagine most of you are actually already doing because you are all adult-ing much better than I am!

My plan is to sit once a week (probably on a Sunday) and get myself ready for the week ahead. Going through my inbox and calendar to see what I have going on and planning for it.

What do you plan to reset for 2019?

A Clean Slate for 2019: 5 Things I plan to reset


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