A day in the life of a toddler.

5am – Just woke up.  Might start shouting for mummy soon.

5.15 – Still not allowed to get up. Will try shouting louder. Might even make choking noises, she always runs straight in when I do that. Fool.

5.30 – Finally up. Mum changed my nappy and I picked up the old one and threw it at her face while she had her hands full. HA!

5.35 – Going to play with the dogs water bowl while mum huddles around a cup of that hot brown stuff she never shares. She is pretending not to see me as I get stuff out of the kitchen cupboards. Bet she will come straight over if I start messing about with the jar of honey.

6.15 – Really fancy watching Frozen. I have found that if I shout it over and over again in a really high pitched voice  whilst pulling on the leg of her pajamas she always puts it on for me.

8.30 – I have had breakfast. Have just given the dog my leftover breakfast (I just tipped the bowl onto the floor for her, much easier), she seems to really enjoy coco pops.

9.45 – Mum has bought a new treadmill. Not sure when she plans on using it. I posted her credit cards into it. That will show her.

10.30 – Apparently it’s naptime. We bought some new Peppa Pig and Frozen pants the other day for when i’m ‘a big girl who wees on her potty’. Not sure why I would every do that, but if it gets me presents letting her believe that than I will carry on. Anyway, decided I would get the pack of pants out of the wardrobe and sleep with them. The plastic isn’t particularly comfy but I just love them so much.

12.00 – Nice nap. I’m so sweaty though. Time to go in and wake dad up. I will shout ‘dad’ really loudly but if he acknowledges me or tries to hug me, I will scream like I am being murdered and cower into mum. Love messing with that guy. Don’t worry, I will be nice to him later. He is the weak one who gives me chocolate after all.

13.00 – Lunch. Not really hungry to be honest. I ate some fluff off the rug earlier and a pebble I picked out of dads shoes.

15.00 – Mum is really red and sweaty. We were in Sainsburys on the travellator earlier (escalator for trolleys), I had demanded to sit in the bit of the trolley where the food goes so I was pretty comfy in amongst all the stuff. Decided to take my nappy off and wave it about. I cant say nappy yet, but can say ‘bum’ so I shouted it really loudly so everyone could see how clever I was. Mum couldn’t quite reach me while we were on the travellator so she could only watch while I played with the nappy. Had a great time. Mum eventually wrestled a new one onto me though. Gutted.

17.00 – Tea time! Only fancy waffles. Wont eat anything unless its waffles.

17.10 – Bloody hate waffles. Don’t know why she keeps serving them to me.

18.00 – Bed time! Got all 12 of my teddies in bed with me, Snug as a bug. Night guys!



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6 thoughts on “A day in the life of a toddler.

  1. I feel your pain. I’m getting the daddy cold shoulder as well.

    Love the waffle comment.

    What do you want for dinner?
    *makes pasta and cheese, hands over*

    Yesterday’s highlight was a supermarket fart. “Did you poo mummy?” “No, cub. Just a pop”. *brightly* ” Don’t worry I’ll check!” *pulls down trousers to look*

    Thanks for sharing your pain.


  2. Haha I love the not hungry I ate some fluff! My son does similar to the waffles, he loves a food, you prepare it, he hates it more than anything else in the world.. they live to drive us crazy! Lovely post. #Fortheloveofblog

  3. Ha ha! I love the fluff in the rug and pebble eating, I hope that filled you up? I’m forever trying to stop my daughter eating the soil out of the plant pot! I’m already starting to get glimpses of a day when I get a dirty nappy thrown in my face, that can’t be nice with a number 2. Hope you’ve been good today for Mummy, and had some waffles. Thanks so much for joining us this week at #fortheloveofBLOG, hope you can join us next week. Claire x

  4. […] I made a half hearted attempt a few months ago, which resulted in a defiant toddler refusing to sit on the potty and me cleaning up wee every few minutes and gave up. Then my friend who has a daughter the same age said that they were going to give it a go. Not wanting to look like a lazy lacklustre mother, I agreed to give it a go too. We decided that we would go to their house, strip them off, whack the heating on and just litter the house with potties. I stocked up on ‘incentives’ (edible bribes) and brought pizza for us adults for when we had lost the will to live. […]

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