A Dog Friendly Holiday in Cornwall

I bloody love a holiday.

Of course I do. Who doesn’t? That was a stupid opener – admittedly.

We’ve just got back from a week in Cornwall and it was glorious to get away. I thought I would share some of what we got up to whilst we were there, in case it gives anyone else some inspiration. Especially since we took our dog with us, I know I found reading about dog friendly places quite helpful before we went.

St Nectans Glen

We went here last year when we visited Cornwall and it was amazing. I knew the dog would love it, running in and out of the river. St Nectans Glen is basically a really nice woodland walk, next to a river, which leads up to three amazing waterfalls.

A Dog Friendly Holiday in Cornwall

The walk itself is beautiful, especially on a sunny day. We actually did the walk twice whilst we were on holiday. We only went up to the waterfall once though. There is a really nice cafe at the top and they seem to be building something else up there too but I’m not entirely sure what.

You do pay to see the waterfalls, but the walk up to the cafe is free. I think it was around a tenner or so for two adults and the dog is welcome there too.

We had the dog off the lead for the entire walk, apart from a very small section of the path towards the waterfalls after we had paid. Apparently there are a few rare ferns on a certain bit so they don’t want the dog ruining them. We let her off once we got down to the water though.

A Dog Friendly Holiday in Cornwall

The Seal Sanctuary

I was quite surprised to discover quite how dog friendly this place is.

It’s a bit weird when you follow the Sat Nav and pull up, it feels as though you are just in the middle of a housing estate and there’s no possible way there can be a seal sanctuary anywhere here. Then all of a sudden, BAM there it is.

The car park is mildly terrifying, it is on the weirdest slope. It isn’t too expensive to get in either, and if I remember correctly you get a free return visit to use within a week. We didn’t actually use ours because it was quite a drive from where we were staying but it’s a nice touch.

I actually forgot to take any photos while we were there because I’m a terrible blogger but there is a park, cafe, a few token farm animals and nice walks you can go on with the dog. The dog does have to stay on the lead though.

National Trust Beaches

I have done a post on this before, but the National Trust is pretty amazing for a Cornwall holiday. Free parking and a lot of the beaches are dog friendly too. I do recommend getting the app though so you can check which ones as a few do have restrictions.

A Dog Friendly Holiday in Cornwall

A few to consider might be:

  • Chapel Porth
  • Holywell
  • Roseland
  • Lantivet Bay
  • Carne and Pendower
  • Crantock
  • Porth Towan

A Dog Friendly Holiday in Cornwall

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