A Review: Jungle Madness Softplay

Before we start, I haven’t been paid to write this review or anything like that. Jungle Madness is a local softplay in Swadlincote, Derbyshire that we go to regularly. One of the things I have been researching quite a lot lately has been places to take Isabelle (i.e. softplays, parks) when we move. There is a distinct lack of reviews for places like this so I hope this might be helpful for someone who might be planning to go to Jungle Madness.

Firstly, Jungle Madness has a large car park (which is free!) and at the back of the car park is a really nice nature walk. What we used to do was take the dog in the car with us, Isabelle and I would get out and go to softplay and Joe would take the dog on a walk as he loathes softplay – Joe that is, not the dog who I’m sure would have a great time. When you go inside, the security is very good. You have to be buzzed in by reception and the only way children can get out is if they are at least 5 feet tall and can press the switch and open the door simultaneously (something even I struggle with when wrestling a squirmy toddler).

Isabelle is 2 and a half and to be honest, it is only recently that we have really come to appreciate Jungle Madness as she can actually play in the main section of the softplay. Most softplays have a main area which is usually multi tiered with a slide, ball pit etc, and Jungle Madness is no different except there  is a bouncy castle too, which is a great bonus. Many softplays will have a baby/toddler section which is normally a bit rubbish and doesn’t hold their attention for long. Also, I don’t know about you but one of my pet hates is much older children rampaging around the baby section, so going to softplay has only actually been something I am happy to do since Isabelle has been old enough to hold her own.

The ‘Over 5s’ main section. Obviously Isabelle is under 5 so it is a bit naught of us to allow her in there, but it seems the average age is approx. 2 and up.


Recently they have had a bit of a refurbishment and honestly, it is a million times better than it used to be. Their toddler area is wonderful, just the right size for the little ones who are too old for just sitting on the floor and looking at themselves in those weird mirrors, but not too big that you have to put your socks on and follow them around.

The baby and toddler area. The baby bit and a mini ball pit is behind the net spider web.


There is seating around the main section of the sports hall and also a separate seating area which I would say is for the parents of the older children you don’t have to watch quite so much. The food is decent, standard café type food and they do a pretty good coffee. Also, I’m pretty sure you can get wine there but I have never tried. 10am is usually a little early for even me. We paid just over £5 to get in, which included a childrens meal with all the usual beige kid meal options. The food came out quickly and was approved by my mini critic.


It does get extremely busy here at peak times, but we went this morning at just past 10am and there were only 2 other children in there – brilliant!

All in all, Jungle Madness has done a great job over the last few months of overhauling itself. Everything is clean and seems quite new, the walls are brightly coloured, the staff are friendly and it isn’t too pricey either!

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