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So after chatting to a friend today, I have decided to link up with #LittleLoves to round up my previous week. The premise is that there are a number of headings and I talk about my life that week in relevance to those headings. Simple right? It nicely sums up all of the stuff that are too insignificant to write a whole post on, but do somehow shape my week and how I spend my time. So without further ado:

I had a bit of a shopping spree a couple of weeks ago and this week, the weather has perked up and I have been able to wear some of my new bits and bobs. Firstly, I bought one of those sleeveless jackets in blush pink from Primark. I have wanted one for ages and think they look great when I see other people wearing them, I feel like I’m never quite sure what to wear them with though… sleeves or no sleeves?

I also bought some high waisted, cropped baggy trousers in the same kind of blush pink from New Look. Originally I planned on wearing them with a crisp white shirt but I looked ridiculous so have been wearing them with t shirts instead. I think I look silly though. I so desperately want to pull them off but I’m not sure I’m the right shape for them… What do you think? I think maybe the shoes look a bit mental and it would look better with heels. I also think maybe I need them taking up an inch or so as they look like they should be a bit more cropped. Not my most flattering photo that’s for sure…


I have been obsessed with the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why this week after my sister in law recommended it. It is basically a programme about a teenage girl who commits suicide, who leaves a series of tapes explaining her reasons why she did it. It really hammered home to me how little parents really know their teenage children. It’s a bit scary actually. I’m Isabelle’s whole world right now but in a year or so she will start school and then I won’t know everything that goes on in her life. That will just get worse and worse with age until finally she barely tells me anything! Such a stressful thought. The show has had some criticism for making suicide look easy and even making it look like it’s an option, whereas I think it is a great thing for kids to see how their words and actions can really affect someone, especially if you don’t know all the other things that are going on in that persons life.

I am a magazine addict. I bloody love Cosmo and Glamour. I love to read proper books too but to be honest lately I haven’t had the inclination. I do quite want to read Happy Mum Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher and How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out by Clemmie Hooper, however I feel like those are books for pregnant people. Have you read them? Shall I save them for when I hopefully manage to convince the hubby to try for another sprog?

Made is a difficult heading… I had my neighbour over recently and made some vegan nachos which were delicious. I made like a nacho cheese sauce which we both were obsessed with, out of carrots, potatoes and spices! It was strangely cheesy and amazing. I also made an effort to get my shit together and have actually started to write down and plan my blog content. I have made an effort to get more organised at home and tidy as I go and just generally be better at life. I’m reaching now aren’t I, I’m not very creative so I think this heading might be difficult for me.

Vegan Nachos

Ok, nerd alert. I just bought tickets for my husband and I to go and see Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff in August I Blackpool so we downloaded pretty much everything Will Smith has ever done (musically of course) and listened to ALL OF IT on our way to and from our Bluestone holiday at the weekend. That’s right, 8 hours of non stop Will Smith. I’m not even ashamed.

I feel like I have got a bit of my mojo back recently. I have been watching youtube videos on minimalism and organisation and just general ‘life hacks’ for want of a better phrase. I’m making more of an effort to get out and about and stop procrastinating. We joined the National Trust, we went on a weekend away to Bluestone (blog post on that to follow) and have just been keeping busy. I have a busy few months with things planned in most weekends now over summer which is a really nice feeling. It’s something I need to keep up as I am terrible for just staying in and moaning I’m bored. I need to make this ‘getting shit done’ mentality a habit. Wish me luck!

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