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An Eco Friendly Birthday Party: The Party Bags

When my daughter told me she wanted a whole class party for her 5th birthday, I died a little bit inside.

It is her first year at school and so far pretty much all of the children have had one of these invite the whole class parties.

Whilst it is great in terms of everyone being included, the cost is astronomical. There are around 30 kids in my daughters class and that doesn’t even include children in our family, friends children or the siblings of invited children.

Next year I will say she can choose around 5 friends and we will do something special but this year I agreed to the whole class party because I’m soft. I didn’t want her to be the only one who didn’t do it so here we are.

Firstly, I needed to tackle the party bag.

It is one of my biggest annoyances.

Opening the party bag and finding plastic tat that will inevitably be thrown away or broken by the end of the day.

No blame on the parents here, I get it.

Finding enough stuff to fill 40 odd party bags without breaking the bank – it makes sense that the first thing you do is look for bulk little toys and unfortunately these are often made of cheap plastic.

And let’s be honest, kids love that crap.

I’m a bit of a climate crisis bore though and whilst I’m by no means perfect, I do go on about it enough to know that my friends wouldn’t let me get away with party bags full of plastic tat. They would be expecting something different.

So I settled on buying paper bags for my party bags. I got 40 in bulk from Amazon for around £3.95 in white. You can get Kraft paper brown too. The link is here: Paper Party Bags

I drew a little rainbow on the corner of the bag just to jazz it up a bit too as they looked a little plain. It looks a bit rustic but I don’t mind.

My daughter wanted the party to be a rainbow party.

Essentially, the theme is just colourful stuff really. My plan is to top each party bag with a little coloured sheet of that really thin tissue paper. All the different colours against the white bags all lined up on a table will look quite nice I think. The link is here for the tissue paper, though I imagine you could get it quite easily from any of the cheaper shops like Home Bargains, B&M or The Works: Tissue Paper

Here is what I have put in her party bags with links to everything in case that’s helpful. I have based this on me needing 30 bags and I should have some bits leftover which will be put aside to be used next year.

Bag Contents:

  • 2 x 20 mini boxes containing 4 coloured wax crayons. £2.79 for 20 boxes. Find them here: Crayons
  • 3 x 10 wildflower seed envelopes, personalised. £5 for 10 envelopes. Find them here: Wildflower packs
  • 2 x 20 card cutouts of people for the kids to colour in. £4.99 for 20 cut outs. Find them here: Cut Outs
  • 2 x 20 packets of Rainbow Drops sweets. I got 20 for £2.99 but these have now sold out so I have linked another option for you, though it is slightly more expensive: Rainbow Drops
  • I am also adding in a balloon. They aren’t eco friendly but I have a load from last year that need using up and I wasn’t really sure what else to do with them other than throw them away?

That is everything that is going in, apart from the standard piece of birthday cake wrapped in soggy napkin that seems to be pretty much expected.

My plan for that is to buy a chocolate tray bake from Tesco that serves 40 and cut that up to put in the bags in advance. Since I cant find a rainbow cake big enough to serve that many, I will just buy a small rainbow cake for the whole display and singing Happy Birthday part of the party.

A lot of people I know said books would be another good idea for a more eco friendly party bag.

Places like The Works do 10 books for £10 and if you had a specific theme you could get a relevant book which I think is really sweet.

Let me know if you have any other eco friendly party bag ideas.

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