A quick and easy way to become more sustainable today.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this post. I considered making the title ‘How can you be more ‘green’?’ but then I worried people wouldn’t click on it because it seemed too preachy. It’s hard to find a balance between sharing knowledge that you think is interesting and important and becoming the guy everyone scrolls past because you won’t stop banging on about being a vegan and helping the planet. Anyway, today I want to talk about our energy. Electricity, food and transport are the three things that account for 80% of our carbon footprints and I think it’s important we all try and do just a little bit to reduce our footprints where we can. We’ve gone vegan in an attempt to help with the food side of things, but what can we do to reduce our electricity and transport? How can we become more sustainable?

To be honest, transport is one in our family we can’t really do a lot about at the moment. Not only is Joe driving around in a leather clad car (sorry vegans – it’s a company car) but he drives an awful lot for work and it isn’t something we can reduce. Eventually we would both like to have those Tesla cars but that isn’t something that is possible for us at the moment. But Energy, we can change.

My top way to be more sustainable.

We are a family that uses a lot of electricity. Our bills for gas and electric are around about £100 a month and we are guilty of having the TV on pretty much constantly as background noise. What we do need to do is become more mindful of the electricity we are using, but in the meantime we thought it might be a good idea to first look at where we get our electricity from. We were using British Gas before, but we have recently switched to Ecotricity. Ecotricity was set up in 1996 and was the first energy company of its kind. They make their own gas and put it into the grid and all of their electricity comes from sustainable sources like wind farms, the sun and the sea. Amazing right?! Why isn’t everyone using them?! Honestly, I have no idea. It isn’t more expensive, it isn’t a hassle to change and their customer service is great. Everything was quick and easy so I can only presume people just don’t know about it? Hence this post. The company itself are pretty amazing. They spend more per customer on making green energy than any other company in the UK. They are trying to tackle the transport side of things too and have even built an electric super car. Their plan is to ‘kick start an electric car revolution in Britain’.

I know some of you are probably thinking they must be more expensive but I have found that my bills are pretty much exactly the same (in fact the may even be £5 or £10 cheaper monthly) and it gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know that I am doing something to help reduce my carbon footprint, but I’m not actually having to change my way of life for it. They have just one tariff and zero exit fees if you do decide the company isn’t for you (I can’t imagine why you would though). Not only that, but for switching we got given a £50 John Lewis voucher, which made the deal even more sweet to be honest and I treated myself to a new tripod for my camera and a new MAC lipstick (hello Velvet Teddy).


When we pay our bills, Ecotricity use that money to put back into creating more ways to make sustainable energy. It doesn’t cost you anything to switch, this isn’t an ad I am simply passionate about it. Head on over to the Ecotricity website and switch to sustainable energy today, if we all did it, imagine the amazing benefit that would have on the planet?!

The link is here if you want to go over and check out their website: Switch to ecotricity.

If you do decide to switch, they have a refer a friend code. I won’t put it on here because I don’t want you all thinking I am just out to benefit from you switching but if you DO want to switch and you sign up on my recommendation then we could both get a £50 voucher if you input my code. Just email me and I will send it to you.



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