Breakfast Nutella Roll Ups

I don’t know about you, but all I want to do as soon as it starts to get a little chilly is to face plant carbs. ALL THE CARBS.

So in the interest of a warm chocolatey start to the day, let’s basically have chocolate spread on French toast all rolled up in to a tasty little breakfast burrito.


So here’s what I did:

Get some bread. Cut the crusts off and then squash it flat either with your hands or a rolling pin. Spread on some Nutella and any other filling you fancy, maybe bananas, strawberries, maybe even white chocolate chips or something to REALLY amp up your breakfast. Roll up your bread like a pancake, the Nutella should help it keep its shape but add more if you need to.

In a dish that is big enough to fit your bread, mix together one egg, a dash of milk and some cinnamon. Roll your little bread sausage in the mixture and then fry in a frying pan with a little bit of butter until golden on all sides.

I served mine with apples and a drizzle of honey but you can go wild here, and even have this as a dessert with ice cream, or roll in cinnamon sugar and serve with strawberries and a nice big coffee.

Then cry with joy and the amazing breakfast you have just made.



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