Changing bag to ‘mum’ bag – the transition

I don’t know about you, but I put a hell of a lot of thought into my changing bag. I spent hours rubbing my growing bump whilst scouring the internet for the perfect bag. I wasn’t into the Yummy Mummy bags, they just aren’t me. I wanted a leather bag that didn’t look too much like I had sold my soul to Mummy-dom, and that my husband wouldn’t be too embarrassed carrying.

In the end I settled on a Mia Tui bag that I found at the Baby Show (also available online here) and I LOVED it. I went for the purple colour, as my pushchair was black. It came with a couple of smaller little bags for other bits and bobs and a fab changing mat.

trendy baby changing bags

Now, my little one is nearly 2. I feel like I no longer need to carry around quite so much crap. Gone are the days when I needed 8 changes of clothes, 12 nappies and 4 bottles, a bottle warmer and a change of clothes for when I inevitably got poo/sick on me. Now I can chuck a few bits in a bag and off we go.

So, I went on the hunt for a ‘mum’ bag.

Eventually after much hunting, I found the perfect one in my local New Look. Tan brown and ‘pleather’, with long handles that can be chucked neatly on my shoulder, a little compartment for my phone, and another for my keys. I love it, it really is exactly what I wanted. Granted, it is cheap and not real leather, but I know at least that I don’t have to worry about rogue raisins or crushed quavers.  The only negative really is that there is no zip, which means a)you are a muggers dream and b)your toddler could empty out your entire bag in the space of about 3 seconds.


But down to the important bit, what crap do I actually cart around in said ‘mum’ bag?

Stuff for me:


Cowshed  – moisturising hand cream – I actually got this in my Birchbox a few months ago. I rarely use hand cream to be honest, but I feel fancy having it in there so..

Arrow – Boost, colour enhancing lip balm – again, I got this in a Birchbox last month. It apparently changes colour depending on the PH of your lips! I quite like it. I don’t wear coloured lipsticks or balms very often but if I look a bit rough this makes me seem as though I have made a token effort.

Fiorelli purse – a present from my lovely husband.

Keys & phone (obvs) – we won’t talk about the time I forgot my keys and was stranded outside my house with a 6 month old whilst my husband was an hour away at work. Nope.

Sunglasses – Cheap Primark jobbies, I’m optimistic.

An umbrella – I am practical.

Glasses – I really should wear these more often


Stuff for the toddler:


Changing mat that came with the Mia Tui bag – I stopped taking this out once Isabelle was about 1, as most places had a changing table. However I went to a restaurant recently that didn’t have anywhere I could change her so I have started carrying it with me again.

Nappies – obviously the number depends how long we are out for

Wet Wipes – I literally can’t remember life before wet wipes. What did I use?

Sippy cup – We use a Nuby one with a straw

A Peppa Pig etch a sketch type thing – Very good for when you are in queues, restaurants, anywhere where a bored toddler running amok would be frowned upon.

A small pencil case containing toddler cutlery, Robinsons Squash’d, plasters and some kind of emergency snack (Usually an Organix bar or something like that).

Books – Isabelle is allowed to choose 2 books to take out with us. They are usually Peppa Pig ones much to my dismay. Yes the one in the picture has been chewed.


Spare socks and trousers – Since she tends to chug a whole bottle of water/juice rather than sipping it like a normal human, her nappy can go from empty to extraordinarily full very very quickly. There have been many incidents where spare clothes have come in handy.

A soft toy of her choosing- Again, this is usually Peppa Pig. I have however learn the lesson that she is only allowed to take one soft toy out with her. Since she likes to hold one in each hand she then wont hold our hand whilst we are walking around. Not worth the battle, now I only allow one. Not pictured however, as she is currently napping with todays chosen teddy!

I’m already dreading potty training, as the amount of rubbish I carry around will no doubt triple, and my bag will smell of wee. Sigh.





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4 thoughts on “Changing bag to ‘mum’ bag – the transition

  1. My wife would give me such a hard time when I went out with the girls because I grab a few wipes and a diaper or two and go. She spent 30 mins strategically planning for the end of the world and what should be in the diaper bag. She always forgot stuff. My mentality was you can’t forget something you don’t intend to bring. Great post and ideas.

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