Cleaning Cupboard Staples – sustainable, vegan friendly essentials.

Veganism, sustainability… it’s all a big learning curve for my family and I, but we’re trying our best. If you caught my earlier post on sustainable living, I talked about how switching to Ecotricity could make a massive impact to the planet with such little effort from you, today I want to talk about another way you could make a quick and easy switch in your life, whilst making a massive impact on the environment.

That way is with your cleaning cupboard staples.

I have been using products like Method and Ecover for a while now for certain cleaning cupboard staples purely because they smell amazing, but I have never done a complete overhaul of my cleaning cupboard before. It seems like now might be the time though since we have discovered Seventh Generation.

Seventh Generation Products - Porridge and Parenting

So I did a little research into the standard cleaning products in my cupboard and was astounded to see just how harmful they actually were. Yes, all of the chemicals do their job and leave things gleaming clean but since when did cleaning mean you had to risk harm if you touched or inhaled any of the product? It’s madness! Some stuff actually contained petroleum? Think about what you do with those products too as you clean with them… you swill them down the drain right? Where exactly are all of those chemicals going? Are they harming our marine life? Our water supply? I have no idea… I haven’t properly looked into that side of things but I certainly intend on doing so.

I recently went to a blogging conference and we received the most amazing goody bags which contained samples of some pretty amazing products. One such sample was a Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent. For starters, it was hardly a sample, the bottle was ginormous. Secondly, it immediately caught my eye because it looked like the bottle was made from cardboard and my interest was well and truly peaked. I love jazzy packaging.

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent - Vegan Friendly Cleaning - Porridge and Parenting

Obviously I looked into the company a bit more and fell a little bit in love with their ethos. I decided I really wanted to work with them, so I got in touch and they kindly sent me a box of goodies to review. I will tell you a little about the company first and then I will get down to the nitty gritty of the products. Seventh Generation are based in Vermont and in a nutshell, sell plant based products with no nasties that actually work. They are vegan friendly, never tested on animals and they are a member of the Leaping Bunny Programme which is the cruelty-free standard that provides the best assurance that no animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company or on its behalf and they are also proud to be listed in PETA’s database of companies too, if you needed any more reassurance.

Not only that but they are a B Corporation, which means they are better for workers, communities and the environment overall. They make a conscious effort to make their products friendly to us, pets, fabrics and the environment as well as developing a sustainable supply chain. They use recycled materials to make their packaging and make every effort to ensure as much of their products can be recycled as possible after use too.

Their mission statement is to leave the world a better place and for that, they get a huge thumbs up from me. So they are a great, ethical company – that can’t be denied, but are the products actually up to standard?

Well so far the simple answer is YES. I have been using the Laundry Detergent for over a month, washing everything at 30 or less and have not had a single problem or incident where I have had to rewash something. On one occasion I used a little of the detergent neat before popping it in the machine to try and combat a curry mishap and I am pleased to report it stood up to the challenge. The glass cleaner worked perfectly on my shower screen, the all purpose cleaner has been put to the test throughout both the kitchen and bathrooms and the washing up liquid bubbled up a treat too. Not only that, but the bottles are all massive and seem to last ages. For the laundry detergent in particular you only have to use a tiny amount.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products - Porridge and Parenting

Luckily for us, the products are now available at Tesco here and even more luckily for you, I have a discount code. Simply enter GRXN7Y at checkout for £3 off.

On a side note, I actually really enjoyed reading all of the articles on their website’s blog too. Spring cleaning tips, parenting hacks, loads of useful information – definitely worth a read.

I am really loving finding out about all of these companies whose values line up with my own. It has become a bit of a passion project for my husband and I and while we may not be perfect, we are really trying to improve the impact we leave on the environment. It is a nice feeling to know that the things we eat, the things we use and even the power we use aren’t causing anyone any harm. Because surely that is all anyone should ever want? To get on with their life, knowing they aren’t inflicting harm on anyone or anything else?

If you have any recommendations for cruelty free and ethical products or companies please do let me know – I would love to hear about them.





*Obviously as disclosed earlier, this is a collaborative post between myself and Seventh Generation, but as always it contains my honest opinions and this is a company I truly believe in.

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