Cruelty free cosmetics, a strong pose and a unicorn sandwich. #LittleLoves

Does anyone else have to look at their calendar to try and remember what has happened over the last week? My memory is awful. I went for an interview yesterday and got through the first round so that’s pretty big news from my week. It sounds like the perfect job for me: part time, local, interesting. I have my second interview next week so fingers crossed! I now have to buy something new to wear to my second interview though… I think they would notice if I wore the same dress twice and thats my only ‘work appropriate’ attire. I’m scouring Next and ASOS but struggling, any suggestions?


Let’s look at what else tickled my pickle last week:

#LittleLoves - Watched

I tried to watch Riviera last night. It is a new Sky Atlantic series with Julia Stiles in it as the lead. I don’t know if it was because I was tired but I just didn’t understand what was going on. It was a bit…busy. There was just a lot happening. I might give it another go this weekend when Joe is home so I can ask questions whilst it’s on but I can’t see that I’m going to get into it.

I also tried to get into The Leftovers last week but gave up after about 5 episodes. It just didn’t grip me. If anyone has any recommendations for new things I can watch please let me know, I am fully on the Love Island train so that is a nightly fixture but other than that I’m at a bit of a loss.

#LittleLoves - Read

I’ve read a lot this week actually, but mainly research type stuff rather than actual books. I’ve been looking more thoroughly into vegan substitutes for things I use in the home like cleaning products, cruelty free cosmetics, clothing and things like that. I am on the hunt for some vegan and ethical make up at the moment. I saw a list someone posted on Facebook the other day with brands and which ones are vegan friendly and which aren’t which was quite interesting. I am now debating whether I ought to throw everything I already have away and start again or just use things until they run out? Here is the list, but bear in mind that it isn’t comprehensive, I’m sure there are many other brands. Also, for more in depth information check out Cruelty Free Kitty as her site (here) is just a Mecca for this kind of information.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics / Vegan Cosmetics - Porridge and Parenting


#LittleLoves - Wore

This week I have been mainly wearing my jeans, which were sent to me by a clothing company called Me&I that I mentioned last week. We went to Powis Castle and although it was a bit rainy, I asked my husband to take a few pictures of me in the jeans. My posing game was strong.

Posing at Powys Castle - #LittleLoves - Porridge and Parenting

They are just a tad too long for me, so I have a hefty turn up on them but that’s cool these days right? They are ridiculously comfy though… and very soft. We’re absolutely loving spending our weekends visiting the National Trust places near us, we do enjoy a castle. We have a trip to Warwick Castle to see the War of the Roses show planned for next month too which I am really looking forward to.

I don’t know if you saw in one of my previous posts, but we have also received a pair of vegan leather shoes from Wills Vegan Shoes for my husband, so he has been loving wearing those to work this week.

Wills Vegan Shoes - A review - Porridge and Parenting

We did originally get them for a wedding we have coming up in a few weeks but he said they’re comfier than his normal work shoes so he’s been wearing those instead. I think I may have to get him a black pair though, apparently it’s ‘brown for up town’ when it comes to work footwear and they aren’t suitable. Who knew?

I’ve heard a lot of noise coming from my village at the latter end of this week, as our village festival opens tomorrow. They have a bit of a fair (or is it fayre? fete?) set up on the field just down the road from my house. So there has been quite loud music playing and the sounds of much merriment and squeals of kids. I have had to drown those sounds out while Isabelle sleeps by blasting a fan on full power in her bedroom otherwise she gets sad that she’s not out playing at the fair and refuses to go to sleep. We plan on going tomorrow, so hopefully Isabelle will love it.

#LittleLoves - MadeCheck out my food art. It’s a bit crap but I tried and that’s what counts right?

#LittleLoves - And Lastly

We are headed to the BBC Good Food show on Sunday which I am very excited about. I have never been before and I’m hoping to discover lots of amazing new brands to try! We also have a load of furniture for Isabelle’s bedroom being delivered on Monday so I need to sit down this weekend and properly plan how I want her bedroom to look and where everything is going to go. So far we have a teepee and a toy basket in an empty room so it is hard to imagine it finished.

Have an amazing weekend guys, the weather is supposed to be beautiful so enjoy it whatever you have planned!



*This is a collaborative post. All opinions and thoughts are most definitely my own and I only work with brands I believe in.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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3 thoughts on “Cruelty free cosmetics, a strong pose and a unicorn sandwich. #LittleLoves

  1. I love your unicorn, how on earth did you make that!? I love a castle. We’re moving back to England soon so I’ll be treating myself to a National Trust membership and dragging the kids around our local ones every weekend. Hope you had a great time at your village fair.

  2. LOVE the unicorn sandwich! if my youngest saw that then she’d demand she had them every day in her lunch box! haha
    I really must jump up the NT membership bandwagon, especially in time for the summer hols! xx

  3. Great article, really useful re the makeup info, although I can’t remember the last time I wore any. I do highly recommend Lush cosmetics I have some and they’re lovely. Expensive but makes your feel like a goddess!

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