Does it take a village to raise a child?

I absolutely know that I would not have had it this easy so far in my parenting journey if I hadn’t had help. Getting help comes in so many ways. Someone babysitting for a few hours so you can go on a date with your husband. Someone giving you a lift somewhere or coming round to keep you company because you can’t drive, your husband is at work and you are going stir crazy sat in the house. Someone listening patiently whilst you moan or cry or both about how hard your life is (you logically know that your life is fine, you are just sleep deprived and feeling sorry for yourself). Even someone smiling sympathetically whilst your toddler is mid public tantrum and you feel yourself about to epically lose your shit.

On the back of all of those things, this is a massive THANK YOU post to anyone who has ever helped me since having my daughter. I am here, reasonably sane because of you guys.

Particularly, my sister in law Sophie.

Sophie is Joe’s younger sister and I like to pretend that we are the same age (we’re not, she is nearly 21, sob!). She is responsible for my love of you tube, Tom and Giovanna Fletcher and many many boxsets. She is my favourite Nando’s buddy and will happily double dip in the perinaise with me. She babysits at the drop of a hat and allows me and Joe to actually spend time together outside of our house. She will listen whilst I whinge and moan and mutter obscenities. She accepts mountains of baby spam via WhatsApp and pretends to love the millions of pictures of Isabelle I send doing the same thing, but in a slightly different position. She doesn’t get annoyed when I forget to reply to messages, simply accepting that I am shit at replying and am probably busy changing the 4th pooey nappy of the day. She always arrives with wine or chocolate or both on a good day. She doesn’t judge me for eating the waxy lid of the camembert. She doesn’t judge me for being in my PJs every single time she comes round, even if those PJs are the same pair I have been wearing all week.

She might be Joe’s sister, but first and foremost she is my best buddy, and I couldn’t have survived parenting this far without her! I can only hope that every mother has a parenting wing-woman like Soph. And I can only hope that I haven’t put her off having her own kids with my tales of piles, leaky boobs and vaginal tearing.




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