Eating out as a vegan: 1847 Birmingham Review

We love to eat out in our family.

However, since we went vegan back in March it has become somewhat more challenging. Things are getting easier as some of the more well known chains are adding vegan options to their menu, though I have to say I am a bit sick of falafel and tomatoey pasta.

Our options usually are, eating out in a chain restaurant near us and choosing from maybe one or two items on the menu, or travelling a little further afield to find a more plant based restaurant. There is something really great about going to a restaurant that is primarily vegan, rather than a ‘regular’ restaurant that has vegan options.

I love looking at the menu and knowing that I can have pretty much anything on there.

That’s why, when my husband asked me where I wanted to go to eat for my birthday I knew it had to be a vegan restaurant. I did my research and decided upon 1847 in Birmingham fairly quickly.

The reviews looked great, the menu was right up my street and it wasn’t too far away from us either. I booked the table online and we decided we would stay over nearby so that we could stay out a little later and have a few drinks.

Birmingham 1847 Restaurant Review
Photo taken from 1847’s own website.

The restaurant itself is a little out of the way.

It is a couple of minutes walk away from a really nice bit of central Birmingham where there is a square of nice bars and restaurants like The Botanist etc (where we treated ourselves to a few cocktails).

1847 is located kind of off the Main Street in a little shopping quarter called The Great Western Arcade, so it is undercover and indoors. When you go in it looks quite small and intimate but it has that bright, white decor that I love with plenty of greenery.

It was a lot smaller than I anticipated and the tables are quite close together but it was really busy upstairs and down so I took that as a good sign that the food was likely to be amazing.

1847 Birmingham Restaurant Review
Photo taken from 1847’s own website.

First off, I will apologise for the lack of photos in this review, it is pretty rubbish to review a meal and not take pictures of every course I agree however I was so busy just loving life if I’m honest.

The photo of the chocolate cake I took myself but everything else I have begged and borrowed so I can show you what the standard of food is like. I wasn’t actually planning on writing a review which is why I didn’t take loads of pictures.

Here is the menu of what we ordered:

1847 Birmingham Review

This is a picture of something similar to the beetroot starter my husband had. I don’t really rate beetroot all that much but Joe at this in about 3 seconds flat so it must have been tasty.

Vegan Restaurant Review: 1847 Birmingham
Photo taken from Dine Birmingham


My starter was pretty much cubes of squash, on a squash puree and a bed of green lentils.

It was delicious but a bit too ‘lentil-y’ for me personally and I left a few of them because I ran out of squash puree too quickly and I was dipping them in it. For my main meal I had a bright green risotto, which was the most garlicky, creamy risotto I have ever had and the portion was amazing.

I actually saw a girl eating it as we walked in and thought it looked a bit questionable but it tasted like heaven. Joe had a vegan version of fish and chips which was battered tofu, quince, triple cooked chips and mushy peas.

It looked amazing.

You could have battered halloumi as an option too if you aren’t avoiding dairy.

1847 Birmingham Restaurant Review
Photo taken from Trip Advisor. My meal was very similar but I had mushrooms instead of the roasted cauliflower.

To be honest, I absolutely loved every aspect of our meals (I tried my husbands too) but the risotto was the stand out winner for me… And the chocolate cake. And the garlic bread.

Ok, so I loved pretty much everything.

I will without a doubt be coming back to this restaurant to try more of the menu. It isn’t cheap as far as meals out go, we had three courses each, two sides and a bottle of wine and this came to just under ยฃ100 but it was well worth it for a date night or a special occasion.

Though, during the week they do offers and deals that are actually really good value, you can check these out on their website and social media – I will link all of those below for you.

Non vegans would love it here too, there are options that can include cheese which I’m sure would be very popular like the fried halloumi and chips and ANYONE would go crazy for the chocolate cake. It was phenomenal.

Vegan Restaurant Review: Birmingham 1847
I actually took this picture. You’re welcome.

1847 also have sister restaurants in Bristol and Manchester which I will definitely be taking a trip to. The menu available online isn’t exactly the same as the one we were given on the night so that may have not been updated yet, bear that in mind if you are someone who likes to choose their food before they go. Also, like I said earlier it is quite small and intimate so it perhaps isn’t somewhere for rowdy groups.

You will need to take cash too, as the Birmingham restaurant doesn’t accept card. We didn’t have any with us but there was a cash point a two minute walk away which was quite handy so this didn’t cause us any problems and my husband popped out while I sat with the bill.

All in all, we loved it. I loved the novelty of visiting a vegan restaurant after months of only having one or two options to choose from at conventional chain restaurants. I will definitely be seeking out more vegan restaurants near me so if you know of any in the Midlands area please do let me know!

Website for 1847:





**We paid for this meal ourselves, none of this is sponsored or anything like that.



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