Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Week 1

I am such a loser. I actually sat this morning and made a schedule for this sodding elf on the shelf.

I don’t know why I started it last year.

The Instagram hype got to me I think. Well, now I’m bloody stuck doing it aren’t I?! Isabelle remembers him from last year so I now have to do elf on the shelf until she no longer believes in Santa.


I am determined to do better than last year though, where I did some really half arsed attempts at making him just move around and be cheeky.

This year I’m combining the elf with all the Christmas activities and things I would like us to do together.

Spending some time having fun together is even more important to me than ever right now, with my husband being in his ‘peak’ season at work and barely being around. If I sit around, I miss him and I mope and so does Isabelle.

So this way, we keep busy, we get festive and we have fun.

Perfect. Anyway on to these ideas.

1st December

Firstly, I used Canva to set up a little template like this:

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Week 1

I faffed around with templates and added little festive pictures and basically just made a little letter from the Elf, to Isabelle for the 1st December when he arrives. You can get free printable templates from loads of different places, Pinterest is a good place to start. Or you can just make your own.

He’s going to bring the advent calendars with him on day one.

The little caveat about not touching him is basically to stop her from playing with him. I allowed one touch per day so that if I set up something elaborate, we can pop him up out of the way of the dog for the rest of the day then.

2nd December

This falls quite nicely on a Sunday, so I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to put up the Christmas tree. I will leave the elf sat somewhere wrapped in tinsel or holding a bauble or something, along with this little note:

Elf on the shelf Ideas: Week 1

3rd December

I am going to leave the elf on my desk, holding some pens and sat in front of a pile of Christmas cards.

I ended up doing that classic parent thing of buying the overpriced cards that she made at school and then the school had printed. So we will write those for family and get a little pile for her school friends too.

Elf on the shelf Ideas: Week 1

4th December

Today is writing a letter to Santa day so I will sit Buddy on the desk with a letter writing kit.

Elf on the shelf Ideas: Week 1

I picked up a cheap kit from B&M the other day, it was literally only £1! It came with a door hanger thing, a Santa letter template and a little Christmas pencil. I can’t find it on the website to link it for you so it might just be something that is in store, but I’m sure you can pick up cheap templates in pretty much any of the bargain shops like Poundland or Home Bargains.

Or, just go old school and make the letter yourself. The kids can draw pictures on it and decorate it. Simple.

Dont forget, if you write your letter to Santa and pop it in the post by 7th December with a stamp on then the Royal Mail will send you a letter back from Santa for free! We did this last year and it was really nice. Isabelle absolutely loved getting her own post. Obviously the earlier you send it the better, I might be cutting it a bit fine here by doing it on 4th when the deadline is 7th so hopefully I will still get a reply.

It needs to be addressed to:

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto



And include your full name and address inside so that they can write back!

5th December

Gingerbread men are on the cards tonight.

Elf on the shelf Ideas: Week 1

I’m completely rubbish at baking so I usually pick up a pack from the Co-op of their ready made gingerbread men which come with a couple of tubes of icing too and some sprinkles and I will sit the elf with the box for her to find in the kitchen.

They actually do these for pretty much every ‘occasion’ and we always pick some up. We’ve had gingerbread Easter eggs, skulls for halloween and all sorts.

It’s a nice cheap activity. Usually only £2 or so and you can get similar things in most supermarkets or you could just make your own if you’re into that kind of thing?

I add additional icing and sprinkles and things to decorate to the table so it’s a bit more exciting but I have all those kind of bits in the cupboard anyway.

6th December

Keeping it simple today with this one. It doesn’t need to be extravagant every day I don’t think.

Elf on the shelf Ideas: Week 1

I don’t want to peak too soon with all my good ideas so I will just hide him somewhere not too tricky to find.

7th December

Friday in our house is pretty much always movie night.

We have snacks and cuddle up and watch a film after school, so today Isabelle will wake up to find Buddy sat with a bowl of popcorn and the Harry Potter films.

Elf on the shelf Ideas: Week 1

And that’s it for week one!

I will do a little round up each week of what I plan to do in case it gives anyone else some inspiration. Or, simply inspiration for me to look back on next year.

I will probably pop pictures of what I do with the elf on Instagram stories, so be sure you follow me over there if that’s your bag.

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I will save it as a highlight.



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