Food, Safaris and lazy walks – Hubbys week off!

This week my husband has been off work and it has been AMAZING. I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but my man is an incredible cook. Like, seriously amazing. I remembered to take a photo of a couple of the amazing meals I was served, but pretty much just inhaled the others as soon as they were given to me. Diet starts tomorrow eh.


Not only have I eaten like a queen, but we have just had such a lovely week in general. Day trips around the shops in Nottingham, a trip to West Midlands Safari Park, long lazy dog walks in the National Forest – it has been amazing.

The safari park was a particular highlight. I had been many years ago, but couldn’t really remember much. It took us ages to get there (1 hr 40 mins from home) but luckily Isabelle slept most of the way. When we arrived just after lunch we decided to get straight on with the actual safari bit, where you drive through the animal enclosures and then park up and do the attractions later. The sign when we arrived said that the safari takes approx. 2 hours but I didn’t really pay that much attention to it, thinking it would be a gross over-estimation. Turns out it wasn’t, it actually probably took us over 2 hours in total.

When we first got there, there was a ‘by pass’ road which took you straight to the more interactive enclosures, where you could feed the deer etc and they stick their heads in the windows. At the time, hubby and I couldn’t believe anyone would actually take that road and bypass all of the lions, wolves and tigers, but it hindsight I would definitely do it next time. We spent a hell of a lot of time queuing to see the more ‘exciting’ animals and it was actually pretty anticlimactic. We barely saw the lions at all, and the wolves were huddled over by the fence on the far side of the enclosure.


When we finished the safari, we went into the park which was really good. The dinosaur section was incredible, I think my husband enjoyed it more than most of the kids in the park! Unfortunately due to the amount of time it took us in the safari, and a poorly booked food shopping delivery due, we didn’t spend as much time as we would have liked in the park itself. You do however get a free ticket to return in the same car, with the same number of paying passengers which we fully intend to take advantage of.

Oh and I also passed my driving theory test this week – WOOHOO! I WILL be driving by my birthday (October), I am absolutely determined (especially since I have been promised a pretty little automatic when I eventually do pass by my very generous husband!).

Hope everyone had a fab Easter!


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