How to get a fresh, minimalist feel to your bedroom.

Since we moved into our house last December, we have concentrated on getting the downstairs decorated. That is the bit people see and was our focus really, so we looked like we had our act together and life wasn’t quite as chaotic as it really was. I have shared an office tour with you, you have seen snippets of our lounge on my Instagram and our kitchen is just a kitchen, they all look pretty similar in a new build house in my opinion and we haven’t really put much of a creative stamp on it yet. It is getting to the point now though, where we need to start on our bedrooms. When we moved, we didn’t bring a whole lot with us as we wanted to buy everything new for the new house. You all know how much I am embracing minimalism and so we have tried really hard not to fill this house up with meaningless stuff. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my plans for my bedroom and how I plan on getting a minimalist feel, whilst still (hopefully) making it look stylish.

So, how to get a fresh minimalist feel to your bedroom.

  • Plants

There is no denying that plants are key to making things feel fresh. I love having that pop of colour in the form of a plant, though I have to admit I tend to buy fake ones from Ikea. If you are more green fingered than me, there are loads of health benefits to having plants in your home so definitely consider going for the real thing.

Indoor Plants - Minimalist Bedroom Ideas - Porridge and Parenting

Either way though, a simple pot plant or a bunch of fresh flowers can really brighten up a room and help to bring the outside, inside. If you don’t want potted plants (real or fake) how about a few plant themed touches, like a canvas or a duvet cover like this one from Yorkshire Linen? You can check out the complete collection of double duvet covers from Yorkshire Linen here.

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas - Porridge and Parenting

  • Pick a theme

My theme in this house is white walls, grey, wood and copper accessories. I like to keep a similar theme throughout the whole house if at all possible so that things can easily be moved from room to room and still work. Because our house is a new build, we are very lucky in that all of our walls are white anyway and that provides a great clean, fresh feel throughout the house.

However, I think even if you don’t have white walls, just pick a colour scheme that is simple and relatively neutral. This means that you can easily change your accessories to match the season or to keep up with current trends without having to redecorate your entire house overtime you fancy making a bit of a change. Another way of adding a pop of colour or changing the entire feel of a bedroom is with your duvet cover and curtains. I like to have three sets of duvet at any one time. A wash, a wear and a spare.

I always have a plain white set, just because I think it looks fresh and crisp but then I also like to have some that are in keeping with this seasons trends such as the scandi prints like this one, which can also be found at Yorkshire Linen:

Minimalist Bedroom - Yorkshire Linen Scandi Duvet

  • No Clutter

I hate clutter. I like clear, clean worktops and surfaces. Try to keep things like your bedside table, or dressing table as clear as possible. For me, clutter causes me anxiety as I can’t stop thinking about how I will have to move it all to clean underneath it. It just looks untidy too. Keep things in drawers or storage boxes that can be kept relatively out of sight and just keep a few key pieces out. I think a nice pot plant or a little basket with essentials in is plenty to have out on the side.

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas - Porridge and Parenting

  • Lighting & Mirrors

Lighting really does make all the difference and mirrors reflect all that lovely light around the room making it feel more spacious. You will notice in nearly all of the pictures above they have hung a mirror near the bed and that’s because it just works. A nice lamp next to your bed, or a fancy light fitting/light-shade can completely transform a room. Have a think about what kind of ‘feel’ and mood you want to your bedroom. Remember, this is your personal space. Visitors don’t generally come up here so you can really let your personality shine. Do you want something dramatic and modern? Do you want something soft and warm to give a romantic feel? How about this gorgeous lamp below from Next Home?

Lamp from Next Home - Minimalist Bedroom Ideas - Porridge and Parenting
Image from

So there we have it. Keep it simple, keep it neutral and try and bring the outside, inside in the form of plants and lots of wooden accessories. When I finally get round to finishing our upstairs I will be sure to share a few photos with you and hopefully I will have adhered to all of my own advice and created the perfect, minimalist space for us to relax in.




*This post was written in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen, though all ideas are my own.


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