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Getting National Trust Family Passes

We decided (I decided, my husband disagreed with me setting up yet another direct debit) to get National Trust Family Passes last month. My friend has recently got them with her family and I thought it might motivate me to get out and about a bit more if we had passes and ideas for places to go, so I bit the bullet and did it. It’s about £7 a month for a family pass, which is two adults and up to four children. Considering its always about that per person to get in on a random day out it seems like a money saver, but only as long as I stay motivated to keep going to these places!

Getting National Trust Family Passes

Turns out, signing up for National Trust Scotland is slightly cheaper than the English version, but still gives you access to all of the same properties and so I did that. However, I did feel a bit guilty today when I went to one of the properties and the woman working there pointed out that this was something everyone was doing and it just meant that none of the money was going to the English properties to maintain them. Whoops. Next year, for the sake of an extra quid or so I think I will renew with an English pass, to appease my conscience.

We have so far visited Attingham Park and Benthall Hall, both of which were absolutely gorgeous. We aren’t really all too fussed about the houses themselves, Isabelle is too young to appreciate it. For us it is more the walks, the scenery and maybe the tea room. All of those beautiful flower gardens are making for some seriously beautiful Instagram pictures though I must say. The below picture is not one of them, I tried to make her stand on a rock so I could take a picture. Turns out, two year olds don’t balance all that well.

Attingham was where the toddler and I ventured today, whilst Joe was in bed after his night shift. It took us around half an hour to get there, though I think that was partly down to my terrible driving and some very questionable single track roads. Parking was free and there was loads of it, however I have seen how busy it can get on weekends so don’t take it for granted you would get a space on a sunny Saturday! There was a really quirky little park, about a ten minute walk (at toddler pace) away from the entrance. It was in the middle of a big field and really well spaced out and all made from logs etc, all very rustic and snazzy looking.

Isabelle really loved the bee hive you could see too, it was clear on one side so she could get really close without worrying about being stung. It was pretty fascinating.

The Cafe was nice, reasonably priced. Kind of like a Marks and Spencer cafe, where the menu isn’t massive but the food looks good. They had a good few vegan options too actually, which impressed me. We didn’t stay for too long, it was more of a recce mission so I can convince Joe to come with us one weekend.

Benthall Hall we visited as a family the other day. It was much smaller but just as beautiful. No park, but there was a game of garden bowls which was pretty cute.I really enjoyed looking at the kitchen gardens too. I love seeing people growing food and herbs, I’m just rubbish at it myself.

Next on the Hitlist for me is Dudmaston Hall, which isn’t too far from me. Keep your eyes peeled for some cliche blogger pictures which will most likely include my child in some kind of Bluebell Wood and possibly an arty picture of me drinking a coffee. Because, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t?


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