A Christmas Gift Guide For a 3 Year Old Girl

I’m going to say that thing that makes everyone hate you and think you are an insufferable moron: I have FINISHED all of my Christmas shopping. Granted, I don’t actually have that many people to buy for, as we tend to try and just buy for the children in our family but nevertheless. I feel like a bit of a God.

The one I struggled with the most though was what on earth to buy for my daughter. She was 3 back in June and I am not one for having lots of big plastic toys all over my house and garden. I like wooden toys and I like to keep things minimal. For her birthday I did up her room and bought her a wooden and white teepee she could play/relax in for her room but I was at a complete loss for what to get for Christmas.

Now, firstly I don’t go mad at Christmas. I get a few bits and bobs instead of big expensive things and I tend to ask for clothes from friends and family for her if they ask for ideas on what to buy. She has plenty of toys and I don’t think she needs too many. It just creates chaos and mess and she ends up not appreciating any of it.  But thats my personal decision, you just gotta do you I think.

I haven’t spent too much, probably around £100 or so. We tend to buy bits and bobs throughout the year and I imagine Christmas will get much more expensive as she gets older and wants the latest tech so I don’t see the point in spending hundreds of pounds on her at this age. I also favour wooden toys and books, but again that is personal preference. I like the look and feel of wooden toys much more and they are so affordable nowadays with places like Aldi and Asda stocking some fantastic quality things.

So here we have it, the list. I have linked everything and popped a few pictures in for you too, enjoy:

Advent Box:


I am going to be writing a whole other post on why I am doing an advent box instead of a Christmas Eve box so hold on to your hats and I will link it here when it is live. You can also have a nosey at what I have decided to put in it. Spoiler Alert – it features PJ’s and a December Bucket List.


Mermaid Bath Bomb

Ok so I bought a bath bomb from Lush a few weeks ago and Isabelle lost her tiny mind. She was obsessed. She keeps going on about wanting a mermaid toy for Christmas and this is a bath bomb that I think has some kind of mermaid figurine inside once it has all fizzed away. Pretty sure she will love it and it is super cheap to buy from Amazon.

Gift Guide for 3 year old girl
Photo from Amazon.

Bath Wand with Bath Bombs inside

Again with the bath bombs, but also the wand element. The fairy wand she already had has recently broken so I’ve replaced it with one that has bath bombs in the handle to score me extra mum points.

Gift Guide for 3 year old girl
Photo from Matalan’s own website.

Gruffalos Child Book

Fairly self explanatory. I love books, I want my kid to love books so I buy her books. I am a big fan of the Julia Donaldson books as I just find them the perfect length for a bedtime story and really nice and rhythmic to read.

New PJ’s

I bought matching PJ’s. I’m not even ashamed of it. Christmas Day, Isabelle and I will be rocking our festive pyjamas and loving it.

Necklace / Bracelet Gift Set

I was sent this to review and knew it would be the perfect little stocking filler. Isabelle is obsessed with being a grown up. She watches me put make up on, do my hair and always wants to do the exact same thing. I don’t really wear jewellery to be honest, not even my wedding ring (!) but I knew this little set would make her feel super grown up. It is a special gift that is going to be from Daddy I think, to make it all the more exciting for her. It arrived in the most gorgeous little gift box and there are loads of options for personalisation and choosing the charms on the jewellery. You really can tailor it to whoever you are buying it for. I know she is going to love this, I already do.

Under the Tree:

Princess Belle Dress

Kid loves dressing up, what can I say. We installed a little hook on her wall the other day to hang all of her fancy dress outfits and I know she will love this one, mainly because Princess Belle is her namesake she is pretty much her favourite Disney Character. This particular one is from Matalan and the quality is amazing! It feels so well made and has a little hoop skirt and everything.

Magnetic Calendar

Lately, she asks me every day what day it is and we talk about days/weeks/ seasons etc quite a lot too. I saw this on the JoJo Maman Bebe’s website and thought it was such a good idea! Every morning she can get up, change the day and all the little elements of the calendar and I think it is a great way to aid her learning too.

Gift Guide for 3 year old girl
Photo from JoJo Mama Bebe’s own website.

Mermaid Book

Again with the books and the mermaids…

Unicorn Book

Our Julia Donaldson book obsession continues…

Wooden Dolls Highchair

Now THIS is a complete bargain. It has been well documented that Aldi would be bringing out a really good wooden toy range this year and they delivered. I got myself down there on the day it was released and picked up a few bits. I haven’t assembled it yet, probably will do that nearer to Christmas but it looks great and will go perfectly in her room with all of her baby doll bits and bobs.

Gift Guide for 3 year old girl
Photo from Aldi’s own website.

Wooden Dolls House Car

I threw away a plastic gaudy car that had seen better days and she immediately complained about it so I picked up a nice wooden replacement that didn’t offend me.

Gift Guide for 3 year old girl
Photo from Aldi’s own website.

Doc McStuffins Doctors Kit

I love Doc McStuffins. I really do. It is one of the most tolerable kids shows on TV and I encourage her to enjoy it too. Hence me buying this. It’s plastic and will probably all get lost/seperated from the set within 2 days but she will enjoy playing with it. I did want to get this fancy pants Doctors bag and equipment from JoJo Maman Bebe but £40 was just a little too steep for me for something like that. It was wooden and so nice though… have I made an error?

Gift Guide for 3 year old girl
Photo from Amazon

Wooden Dolls House

This is the showstopper. The main event. I may have accidentally given it to her to play with already. Don’t judge me. It is from Aldi and it looked so good that I got all excited, got my husband to put it together and gave it to her straight after. In my defence, I always wanted a wooden dolls house as a kid and now I have one. It was so easy to put together and so cleverly constructed. It all just slots together like a dream and comes apart just as easily. Big well done to Aldi for their toy selection this year. They nailed it.

Gift Guide for 3 year old girl
From Aldi’s own website.



  • Apart from the necklace and bracelet gift set, which as I mentioned above we were sent for review, I have paid for everything with my own money so none of it is an ad or sponsored.

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