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Glamping at Warwick Castle Knights Village

We were lucky enough to be invited to try out the new glamping tents a few weeks ago at the Knights Village at Warwick Castle. We have been and stayed in one of their wooden lodges so the Knights Village and the Castle were not new to us, but I had never been glamping before.

I think I kind of forgot that glamping is still camping.

I didn’t pack very well and kind of just chucked clothes in a suitcase and hoped for the best.

Check out my other post for more info on Warwick castle and the Knights Village here, I’m going to focus on the glamping aspect for this post.

Glamping at Warwick Castle Knights Village


The drive was something which was stressing me out for a while, I’m not the best driver in the world and long distances tend to panic me. I was lucky enough that the two hour drive wasn’t too bad and what made it better, was that when we arrived (at about 5pm) the car park had plenty of spaces and wasn’t at all busy.

There is a separate area of the car park for people who are staying over, which means you don’t have as far to lug your stuff to check in.


When we got there, we got our keys, a map and other info and headed off to find out tent. We know the Knights Village quite well, so it was pretty easy to locate. Each tent is set up on a wooden circular bit of flooring like this and as you can see they weren’t all set up yet when we arrived:

Glamping at Warwick Castle

They are right by the river too, so the views are amazing. The zip is locked with a little padlock which is what your key is for.

Glamping at Warwick Castle Knights Village

The tent itself has a four poster double bed in the centre and two single beds either side of it. There is lighting, wifi and even plug sockets.

Glamping at Warwick Castle
Photo Credit: Warwick Castle Website

There is a small chest, which was empty but added a nice touch and could be a good place to keep shoes and stuff. There is also like a small porch with a chair and chess table. With nice weather, you would definitely take advantage of these but it was a bit rainy when we got there so we headed inside to unpack and get our bearings.

Stuff we loved

The beds were super comfy. The lights in the floor were really cool and added a nice touch, as did the light up headboard which changed colour. The attention to detail was great and it was really nice and clean.

We ordered a pizza for dinner, which we ate on the bed whilst watching Netflix on the iPad. You can eat in the banquet hall, but I just really fancied pizza to be honest and a chilled out evening.

Glamping at Warwick Castle Knights Village

Breakfast is good, it is served buffet style with a good variety of food and you arrange what time you want to be booked in for breakfast when you check in. We went for the earliest slot at 7:30am.

I expected the toilet situation to be a nightmare to be honest, but it was actually fine. We were only a few steps along a nice clean path away and they were clean and well equipped. We kept flip flops by the door to slip on when we needed to walk over and it worked out nicely.

Stuff I would change

There isn’t any heating in the tents, which was unexpected. I guess if you are a seasoned camper you would expect this, but I presumed with wifi and electricity being involved heating would be too. It wasn’t too bad, though it got a little chilly in the middle of the night.

Glamping at Warwick Castle Knights Village

There was a small gap where the door zips were that kind of freaked me out. I think because in a normal tent the walls and floor of the tent are all connected it is slightly different. In a clamping tent the tent is kind of placed on top of the floor boards and so there is a slight space between them at the entrance. I got myself all freaked out that a mouse or a creature of some description was going to get in while we were sleeping.

It didn’t, but it did worry me. That being said – I am a ridiculous human being so normal people would most likely be perfectly fine with this.


I had a good time, but I would prefer to stay in the wooden lodges I think. I’m just not a camping person. The tents are nice, clean and well equipped but I like the luxury of heating and my own shower and TV to watch once the kid is asleep.

The location is of course fab, you get two days entry to Warwick Castle and a priority entrance as part of your stay which is amazing.

Glamping at Warwick Castle

If you like camping, definitely give the tents a try. There are two kinds, the luxury kings tent which we tried and the slightly more basic Warwick Tent:

Glamping at Warwick Castle
Photo Credit: Warwick Castle Site

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