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How to get a good nights sleep in pregnancy (plus – a cheeky £100 Leesa Mattress discount code!)

Hi folks!

It’s been a while hasn’t it. Well, it turns out I have a bit of news.

How to get a good nights sleep in pregnancy (plus - a cheeky £100 Leesa Mattress discount code!)

Tada! Excuse the PJ’s and mum bun. I am with child. Knocked up. I have a bun in the oven and I am pregnant with baby number 2.

I am currently about 15 weeks and to be honest, I have been quite lucky so far. It’s been pretty plain sailing, I only threw up once and my main ailment is insomnia. Hence this here post about sleep.

Sleep in pregnancy is a big deal. It is a big deal as a parent already (my four year old STILL wakes up in the night sometimes) and we all know that sleep is a precious commodity once you have a tiny human to keep alive. It almost feels like pregnancy is your last chance to catch some serious Zzz’s and yet annoyingly – then strikes pregnancy insomnia. The first trimester is spent falling asleep every time you sit down during the day and yet nighttime rolls around and BAM. Eyes wide open.

It is very frustrating.

Insomnia is not just reserved for the latter stages when your giant belly makes it almost impossible to get comfy. Oh no. I have been enjoying this bad boy since around ten weeks. Every night, I wake up at around 1am absolutely desperate for the bathroom and thirstier than the plants in my garden during this years freak heatwave.

So when Leesa got in touch with me to see if I wanted to try out one of their mattresses I just about bit their hand off. Damn right I do!

Turns out getting a good nights sleep is not a simple case of just getting into bed on your nice comfy mattress and browsing Instagram until you drift off. I now have a routine. A process. A ritual – if you will.

Set the Scene

Ok so I like to prepare for a decent nights sleep in order to give myself a fighting chance of a good 8 hours uninterrupted (I can dream right?!).

I pop on my comfiest PJ’s (natural fabrics where possible – especially in the hot weather). I might light a nice lavender candle or spritz a bit of pillow spray. Turn those lights down low if you have a dimmer switch or off altogether and invest in a nice bedside lamp if not.

Make it cosy people.

Put your phone somewhere far enough away that you won’t be tempted to pick it up and start scrolling. Make it an effort to reach. Perhaps even turn on Night Mode if your phone has it for the hour before you go to sleep. Theres something about the light phones and tablets emit that inhibit natural sleep patterns (go forth and Google, curious readers).

If you really want to go all out, go minimalist. I’m all about white walls, open spaces and being as clutter free as possible. The upstairs of our house is nowhere near finished and eventually I want a shelf with some nice plants on above my bed, but for now I quite like keeping it nice and empty. A cluttered house equals a cluttered mind – or something like that.

Prepare for the inevitable

If like me, you are growing new life then I have no doubt that you too are getting up in the night to wee at least once (more when you get to those latter stages when baby starts river dancing on your bladder).

Remember to grab yourself a big glass of water to have on your bedside table (those night thirsts are REAL) and try not to drink too much before bed. Definitely no caffeine before bed – but you should be cutting right down on that stuff anyway right?

Try and make sure that your pathway to the bathroom is free from tripping obstacles (I have a bad habit of just chucking my clothes and other stuff on the floor at bedtime as I’m too tired to be tidy and organised).

Hunker Down

Make sure you have a comfy mattress, a nice heavy duvet, fluffy pillows and crisp clean bedding. There is NO better feeling than getting into a bed with fresh bedding on it. I know you agree with me there.

Starting with the mattress – like I said earlier I have been trying the Leesa mattress for the last month or so and I can safely say that it is a game changer. It is ridiculously comfortable. Not only is it pretty stylish before you even bother to put bedding on it, the material is super soft.

Never again will you walk into your room, realise you stripped the bed earlier and spend a night on an uncomfortable, weirdly silky (and sweat inducing) mattress with no sheet, cursing yourself for not putting the fresh bedding on straight away (can’t be just me that does this?

The mattress itself is made from multilayer foam, meaning that it is comfy regardless of which position you sleep in. We all know we have to try and sleep on our left side in pregnancy, but this mattress is designed so that if I roll over to my left, my husband isn’t jostled over on his side of the mattress and there is no inelegant rolling into the middle from either of us.

As for the buying process – you buy the Leesa online and it comes in a deceptively small box. It is a little heavy – I certainly couldn’t get it up the stairs by myself but it is super easy to set up once it’s in the right room.

The mattress is ready to sleep on after just an hour, which is amazing as it means you can sleep on it that very night, though they do recommend that it takes 24 – 48 hours to fully expand.

Something I also really like, is that for every ten mattresses they sell, they donate one. Gotta love a company that gives a little something back right?

Look, I know I got this mattress for free to review and therefore you might not entirely trust me to be unbiased (even though I wouldn’t tell you to spend money on something if it wasn’t worth it) – but they also offer a 100 night guarantee so if you don’t believe me then you can try it for yourself risk free.

I also know that you have probably seen a billion mattress adverts lately and it can be super confusing to know which one is the best when they all claim to give you the ‘best nights sleep ever’ but the Leesa mattress has been awarded the Which Best Buy for 2018 and has thousands of five star reviews.

It is a little on the pricey side, admittedly but I do have a £100 off discount code if you do fancy trying it out.

Simply click here and use the code PORRIDGEANDPARENTING at checkout to receive your money off.

*I wrote this post in collaboration with Leesa, who gave me a mattress in return for an unbiased review after a month of use. All thoughts and opinions are (as always) my own. This post also contains an affiliate link, meaning if you use my discount code I get a small percentage back at no extra cost to you.

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