How TV is changing and Netflix are leading the way.

The way we consume TV is changing. My husband always tells me a story about when he was a kid and he would go with his sisters to visit his nan. They would stay for the weekend and one of their (many) treats would be that they would take it in turns to choose a video from the video store for them all to watch. His sisters would choose notoriously girly chick flicks and my husband would choose GhostBusters every single time. I have similar memories, until when I was a teenager and my memories are of a DVD subscription service. I would pay a small amount (I can’t remember for the life of me where I got the money from) and get one DVD per week. I remember at the time I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it would drive me crazy that I would finish my disc and have to wait a whole week for the next one and also have the faff of sending the one I had watched back. Now though, we can pretty much watch what we want, when we want and even wherever we want with just a few clicks of a button with services such as Netflix.

Netflix recently got in touch with me to see if I would like to be a part of their stream team and I was thrilled to be asked and thrilled to accept. Being part of the #NetflixStreamTeam means I will get info about all the hot new shows and be able to share that with all of you, as well as a few other bits and bobs which I’m sure will reveal themselves as I get a bit more into it. Netflix (though I am positive you have already heard of it, I am going to explain it anyway) is a streaming service with a very large library of content from movies and tv shows to documentaries. You pay a small amount each mont has your subscription fee and you can watch it all day long. No more waiting for the next disc to come in the post, you can sit and binge watch an entire series (or 7) of your favourite show with your feet up and wine in hand. Don’t blame me though for the deep and unexplainable loss you will feel when you finally finish it because I’ve been there and lived it more times than I care to admit. But with Netflix, grieve your series for an hour or so and then move on to the next one. The hardest thing about it will be the sheer amount of choice you have.

Though Netflix was founded way back when in 1997, their streaming service began in 2007 and since then they have become giants in their field. Like I said earlier, the way we watch TV and movies has changed and it has become so easy and accessible for everyone. I have written before about Netflix and how their documentaries helped me on my journey to veganism, as well as another blogger’s here so go and check that out. I can also assure you, that was written before Netflix got in touch about me being part of their Stream Team so there was no prior motive there for me to write it. Just good old fashioned honesty and appreciation.


Now I don’t know about you, but I have the service where I can watch Netflix on 4 screens at any one time. This means that not only can I catch up on Suits on the TV, but my toddler can be watching Ben and Holly on my iPad at the same time. Oh and my husband who is working away this week can watch the new series of Better Call Saul on his iPhone and if I wanted to, I could let my friend log in to my account on her phone to watch something while she is sat on a boring train journey because that is 4 screens all at once people! It isn’t frowned upon to let people share your account either, co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings is more than happy for you to pass on your details because he thinks that once people try it, they will no doubt want to set up an account for themselves later down the line. Clever fellow, excellent strategy. Just to be clear, remember as a new customer you also get a free month when you sign up and you can cancel for free at anytime so there are no obligations and you aren’t tied into anything.

Netflix Multiple Devices


You can set up multiple user accounts so every time I log in to watch an episode of Gossip Girl, it isn’t showing what my husband last watched and my account is instead tailored to recommend the type of shows I seem to watch regularly and there is a separate kids user account too meaning I won’t stumble across Isabelle accidentally watching Louis Theroux and the Nazis instead of Peppa Pig. If this isn’t enough, I need you to understand how many times I have paid to rent a movie on Sky TV only to discover it is freely available to watch on Netflix. That, my friends, is what rage feels like.

All of this aside though, one of my favourite things about Netflix are the Netflix Original shows. They aren’t confined to that same old script where an ordinary person becomes a reluctant hero and saves the day, because that is the formula that seems to make money in Hollywood. Instead, they take risks. They roll out content with massive actors and faces you will undoubtedly recognise but playing a role that might surprise you, or in a storyline that you have never heard of before.

Some examples of this are Bright, the show due out soon starring Will Smith. It has bloody fairies in it for goodness sake, not something you would expect from Big Willie on your average day. Or Okja, with Tilda Swinton which is basically about a giant pig. Okja was a huge hit at Cannes film festival and despite it’s quite frankly mental and weird storyline, is pretty incredible to watch. You wouldn’t see anything like these two examples in your average cinema. They wouldn’t be produced because they don’t fit the formula for making money. Netflix Originals don’t have these restrictions on them because they aren’t relying on people flocking to the cinema to buy a ticket or buy the DVD because the content is all there for you to watch at your leisure, you are already paying the monthly subscription.

Not only did they make ‘Netflix and Chill’ a thing but Netflix are spending their dollar big time on making original content and I love them for it. Reed Hastings (CEO) has spoken about how he is always pushing his team to be more experimental and even said ‘We have to take more risk; you have to try more crazy things’. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next and for less than the cost of your weekly coffee, you could buy a subscription and hop on board too. But for now, here is a list of mine and my husbands favourite Netflix Shows, see how many you have heard of, how many you have watched and let me know if you have any recommendations too.

My top Netflix Shows

I could list hundreds more but this post would get boring so instead, go sign up and see for yourself.

How TV is changing with Netflix






*This post was written because I am now a member of the Netflix Stream Team, though all opinions are my own and truth be told, I bloody loved Netflix before they even got in touch to work together.

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