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Hypnobirthing and my plan for this birth.

I woke up this morning to a pretty terrible news article which has shook me a bit.

It is all about my local hospital, the one where I am due to have my baby early next year. In roughly 23 short weeks. I will link it here, though I must admit it pains me to link to a Daily Mail article. Link here

Anyway, in case you can’t bring yourself to give the Daily Mail more clicks than absolutely necessary it basically talks about cases of neglect and much higher than normal maternal and newborn deaths at my local hospital.

Not something that fills me with confidence.

Now before I read the article, I had actually just sat and devoured the new book by Hollie De Cruz called Your Baby, Your Birth. It is basically a hypnobirthing guide and I absolutely loved it.

Lots of women who study hypnobirthing end up having a home birth from what I can gather. But while I know that a home birth isn’t something my husband and I feel comfortable with, I do feel quite happy on a midwife led unit, but my local midwife led unit is attached to my hospital. Herein lies my dilemma.

I don’t want to go into this birth fearful.

Hypnobirthing and my birth plan.

I studied the very basics of hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my first but that mainly involved reading a quite dated book and listening to a lot of mp3’s about my cervix opening up like a flower. It felt a bit hippy. But it worked. I had a positive (if somewhat speedy) birth that ended up with us both happy and healthy. I look back on it positively and would have the exact same birth experience again if I could.

It doesn’t work like that though does it.

Which is why I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant this time around that I wanted to really give hypnobirthing 100%.

My husband thinks I am getting hypnotised by an MP3 and somehow that makes the birth pain free. He thinks I’m a hippy and won’t really get involved.

Hypnobirthing in my opinion though, is anything but hippy.

It focuses on the science behind birth, the hormones and what our bodies are designed to do. I think the name hypnobirthing in itself is misleading and potentially puts a lot of people off but I’m so glad I have looked into it further.

I have been watching the free YouTube videos by The Positive Birth Company and I fully plan on buying the digital hypnobirthing pack in a few months time. I can’t seem to get my husband on board with reading or studying any of the material but I think he will do whatever I ask of him when I am actually in labour.

I love that Hollie’s book doesn’t just put emphasis on a natural labour where you simply breathe your baby out with no intervention or pain relief. The reality is, that just isn’t possible for lots of women. She is very clear that the techniques you learn can be used throughout pregnancy, birth (however that may be) and even beyond into parenthood and breastfeeding.

So that’s my plan.

Obviously there are other elements I want to look into more like delayed cord clamping etc but my main focus is to hypnobirth and try and stay positive. I think I am going to speak to my midwife at my next appointment too about this news story. To see if she can put my mind at ease a little.

Have you tried hypnobirthing? Did it work for you?

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