I hope we remember.

We went out for lunch today and as we left the restaurant (Beefeater in case you were wondering), I said to Joe ‘I really hope we remember in ten years time all these hilarious little things Isabelle does’.

I already feel like I have forgotten somethings, especially from when she was tiny. She used to lie in her crib at the bottom of our bed grunting and making these weird strained noises and punching her tiny fists jerkily in the air. Joe always said she sounded like a Scottish man pushing a sofa up the stairs on his own.

Now the things I want to remember are:

The way she makes an entrance. Everywhere we go she confidently struts in and announces herself ‘IT’S MEEEEEEE! Hello!’. It never fails to make me laugh and often gets a chuckle out of those around us too.

The way she thinks that saying ‘My Knee’ means ‘It hurts’ ever since she grazed her knee about 2 months ago. I must hear ‘My Knee!’ about  times a day, from everything to a stubbed toe to hunger pains when she wants her lunch.

The way she says ‘Mummy’. Heart melts.

Whenever music comes on she shouts ‘Mummy DANCE!’and waves her arms manically from side to side.

The way she HAS to stop whenever we see a puddle to stamp her feet in in.

The way she has to stop and find a stick to poke in it whenever we find mud.

Her obsession with making milkshakes and the way she yells ‘GOOOOOO!!’ when I turn the blender on.


This is something I should do regularly, along with taking pictures. So I don’t forget how awesome she is.

Diary of an imperfect mum

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4 thoughts on “I hope we remember.

  1. I often wonder how we’ll remember all the little gems our little girl (6) comes out with too! There are times that I’ve reached for the pen and paper (my phone’s rubbish at notes) but then thought better of it and instead opted to stay ‘in the moment’. Corny but true 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime

  2. […] the meantime, I just need to work on being more ‘present’ at home with Isabelle. Oh and being one of those people whose house is always visitor ready, rather […]

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