If she loves it, she sleeps with it.

Do you ever find really random stuff in really random places? My toddler is almost 2 and here are my top weird findings:

IN MY BRA (an end of the day discovery)

  • Tiny little pom poms
  • A mini George Pig figurine
  • A Pipe Cleaner
  • Tiny elastic hair bands
  • Crumbs (miscellaneous)

IN MY TODDLERS BED (if she loves it, she sleeps with it.)

  • A multipack of Peppa Pig pants (still in their plastic packet)
  • A spatula
  • Pom Poms (she is really into these and they get bloody everywhere)
  • 44 nappies
  • 12 Mr Men books
  • A massive Peppa Pig poster, she was underneath like a stereotypical homeless person under a newspaper


  • A blackbird in my washing basket (caught by my 2 cats this tenacious little bigger survived a whole night locked in a room with them, only to give me the fright of my life the next morning when I discovered him)
  • Lego in my shoes (standard)
  • Remote control in the fridge (thank you baby brain)
  • Olive oil in my glass of water instead of squash (thank you sleep deprivation)




Pink Pear Bear

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3 thoughts on “If she loves it, she sleeps with it.

  1. This is so very true. I had been SEARCHING for one of my 1yr olds bottle for weeks. Found it in the washing machine drawer. Great fun, parenting! #bigpinklink

  2. Hehe, brilliant!! Your daughter definitely does better than my youngest, for the things she likes to sleep with!! He’s taken books and some random toys, but your list is the best!! I recently did a clear out of all my coat pockets, and the haul would’ve been enough to fill a charity shop!! I haven’t found anything in my bra yet, but I’ve found similar things in the boys nappies!!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    1. Thanks for reading! I do find some ridiculously random things. It is amusing though, my coat pockets are always filled with half eaten food so I try not to delve in there too regularly!

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