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I’m Getting Old!

Pancake Day and Valentines Day one after the other, could life get any better?

It was our first pancake day as vegans but luckily my girl Pinterest helped me out and gave me an amazing recipe for easy vegan pancakes. I will insert a picture of said pancakes here for your enjoyment. If I do say so myself… I’m pretty sure I nailed it.

Vegan Pancakes

I have actually been amazingly spoilt this V-Day and my husband treated me to a new phone. I’ve been working with the iPhone SE for a while now and it has just really started to slow down and the camera is pretty terrible. So I’ve gone for the Pixel2 and it is amazing.

I have so much love for my new phone. In fact, I love it so much that I had a weird reflective weekend where I sat and thought about all my ‘stuff’. I’m very fortunate with the stuff that I have, but I decided I want to start taking better care of things. I’m getting older and starting to think of this as less disposable than I did in my teens. I’m thinking more about the future and how it seems to just be flying by.

Age just creeps up on you doesn’t it.

One day you’re 18, using Clean and Clear for your greasy teenage skin that is still so bloody radiant. Then you blink and you’re in your late twenties (saying that makes me want to vomit in my mouth) and you start to notice that your skin isn’t quite as plump as it used to be. You notice a few stray greys. That glass of wine you had at the weekend not only made you feel horrendous with a next day hangover that lasted till at least 4pm, but you’re pretty sure you it also made you put on 3lbs (all of which went straight to your face).

Pixel2 Photography

I feel like the last four years, since becoming a mum my appearance has gone drastically downhill. From the weight gain, the stretch marks, the post partum hair loss… It’s just one thing after another isn’t it, but at a time when you have a newborn and have pretty much no time to take care of yourself. So it gets worse and worse and then you wake up with a kid who is due to start school and think:

‘What the hell happened?!’

So, I’ve started by investing in some proper grown up skin care.

My skin has always been pretty bad, but I could previously put it down to teenage acne and general hormones. Now though, not so much. I shouldn’t still be putting up with large pores and bad breakouts. So I have decided to try out the Avene range and a few products from The Ordinary – proper grown up skin care that might actually do something and will also make me feel super fancy when I use it.

I’m also going to try and take better care of myself. Cut down on the caffeine (man I love coffee) and try not to drink quite so often. Those sneaky little glasses of wine with dinner can’t be doing me any favours.

I’m also thinking about spring, summer and fake tanning again. I always used to fake tan, I’m just too lazy nowadays. But I always feel better with a tan. I use the Skinny Tan stuff which smells amazing and also is pretty easy to apply.

Do you have any tips on how to ‘comeback’ from motherhood?

*This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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