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Jump In – Shrewsbury Review

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to try out the facilities at Jump In for free over the Easter Break, in return for our honest review. I tried my best to fill up the Easter holidays with fun activities so I didn’t go insane due to lack of childcare and adult conversation and for the most part, it worked quite well.

Isabelle and I headed over to Shrewsbury with my Sister in Law and her kids in order to have a fun morning of jumping. I have actually been to a similar trampoline park in Telford before so I kind of knew what to expect on arrival.


Seems silly to give this it’s own category doesn’t it, but in all honesty I am a nervous driver and an even more nervous parker (not sure Parker is the correct word here but let’s go with it).

First off – parking is free. Luckily, the car park was pretty much empty when we arrived at just before 9am. The park itself is on an industrial estate which is quite near to some big retail areas so if the worst came to the worst you could easily park near by and walk across.

Arrival & Layout

As I said, it is in a big industrial estate so there is plenty of room inside. It has the open, high ceilings that you would associate with that kind of location. You enter through reception where you enter your details and those of the children with you and then you are shown through to the main area where you pay and pick up your special grippy socks.

Jump In: Shrewsbury

After this, you head through to a little side room to get a little brief on the do’s and dont’s. Its all pretty standard – dont do anything silly, only one person per trampoline etc. It takes less than five minutes in total and even the three year olds didn’t get too fidgety as the animation was pretty good at holding their attention.

One bit that did slightly annoy me, was one of the rules where they said something along the lines of ‘parents stop staring at your phones and watch your kids’. That wasn’t the exact wording but it was about the same level of assumption and politeness. I’m probably just being a bit prickly here, but it irritated me.

The Cafe

The cafe was actually a really pleasant surprise.

Jump In: Shrewsbury

There is a small softplay next to it so you can sit and enjoy a drink in peace while the kids burn off excess energy. The menu wasn’t full of fried rubbish and there were some really good, reasonably priced options on there. A nice change from the usual beige brigade and deep fried smell of these types of places typically.

Jump In: Shrewsbury

Worth it?

We all had a really great time. We got there at 9am to take advantage of the Tots n Toddlers session which allowed the Under 5’s to have free roam of the whole facility for an hour. I would definitely recommend doing this if you have older children so you can all jump together and not have to decide which kid you like best to keep an eye on.

Jump In: Shrewsbury

There are so many different areas to explore. There is a main section with different sized trampolines, an area where you can jump and throw ball into basket ball hoops at the same time, there is a giant inflateable, a foam pit with a ladder, a gladiator style beam to walk across to try and knock each other off… there is tonnes to do.

Jump In: Shrewsbury

We went with an 8 year old and two 3 year olds and they all loved it. I think an hour was the perfect amount of time for me personally but I think the kids could have gone for much longer.

Jump In: Shrewsbury

There is a decent changing room with lockers and toilets so after you’ve finished if you’re all sweaty you could go and get changed before having a sit down with some coffee and a cake.

All in all, it was a fab morning out. I would definitely go again. If you do go, keep your socks! You pay for them the first time but you can take them and use them again.

Jump In: Shrewsbury

They also do birthday parties and other events so go and check out the website. There are different Jump In locations all over the place so have a look and see if there is one near you. I actually love the look of the Under 5’s birthday parties, there is so much included in the price.

Jump In: Shrewsbury



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