How lazy is too lazy?

Today we didn’t get dressed and brush our teeth until 2pm.

We left the house to walk the dog at 2.15pm, ran around the field for half an hour picking daisies and then came home to hibernate.

That was the extent of our day. Isabelle barely slept last night, not sure why but I was up a lot and therefore absolutely shattered all day. Especially since she woke up at 5. I did manage to get her into my bed to lay nicely for an extra hour after that but still I didn’t wake up in the best of moods.

Because Isabelle was overtired, she was pretty grumpy too. Every little thing seemed to cause an absolute meltdown. Her tantrums have progressed into being slightly amusing over the last few days, as she covers her eyes when you say something she doesn’t like and refuses to look at you. I had every intention of getting out and about a bit more today, but being tired and with a grumpy toddler I just couldn’t face it. Is that bad? A day at home? We watched far too much tv and snuggled on the sofa with a duvet. Did some colouring, made milkshakes and read lots of books.

Tomorrow I need to make us get out. First thing. If I get us up and dressed before 9am I will be more likely to actually venture out of the house, which could result in her sleeping better that night if I wear her out. It’s a vicious cycle I guess. Bad night = Lazy day, Lazy day = Bad night.

Is getting out every day something that everyone does?? I heard that a high percentage of babies and toddler get less time outside each day than the average prison inmate. Worryingly, that is probably accurate 50% of the time in our house. We don’t go out every day. If we do, it isn’t always running around playing outside, sometimes it is just errands such as shopping or going to indoor soft play. Do you all get out every day?? Am I just a terrible lazy mother??

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