Lazy (tired) Mum Games

Tired from getting up with your child approximately every 20 minutes last night, wrestling them back in to bed whilst they perform an impression of a plank of wood or a limp piece of spaghetti?

Exhausted from having to get up and start your day at 5am, which is before even CBeebies is awake.

Exasperated from reading the same book 47 times before 6am, and knowing that at 6am Me Too is on the TV and it makes you want to gouge out your own eyes?

New from JML…

Just kidding. But seriously, this helps. Games you can play with your toddler, which involve little to no effort from you and fills your offspring with pure joy.

Build a den

5 seconds of effort from you and hours (ok realistically probably one hour max) of fun for your small one. Chuck a sheet or a duvet over a clothes horse (apparently not all people call them this? A clothes airer?) or your dining table, throw in some cushions and cuddly toys and Hey Presto! Den time! All kids love a den!

Bath Crayons

Not sure what your stance is on this, but I regularly hop in the bath with my toddler. I have to pin her to me to wash her hair so it is just much easier to be in there with her. Bath crayons are amazing. She will sit in the bath for about half an hour just scribbling all over the tiles and having a great time, and I get to just sit there (albeit in tepid, shallow water), doing nothing. Win win.

Although you do have to put in a bit of effort to get them and yourself dry etc…

If you choose not to sit in a tepid shallow bath with a slippery toddler drawing on everything in sight, use this time to hug a cup of coffee whilst perched on your bathroom floor reminiscing about lie ins you used to have pre procreation.

Hide and Seek

Hide in your bed. EVERY TIME. If you have more than one bed in your house, switch it up, get in different beds.

Play Cars

I’m sure you have all seen this floating around Pinterest and Facebook.

Get an old t shirt, draw a track on the back of it. Lie on the floor and let your child run cars along the track.

You get to lie face down with your eyes closed, whilst receiving a questionable massage and they get to play cars. No one is losing here.


Lie on the sofa, one eye open, and blow bubbles. Your toddler will go crazy with glee chasing and popping them. The bigger the room you are in, the better. If you can get outside in your garden on a sun lounger even better!

This one is a real champion, I even use it on my dog sometimes on those ‘PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE’ days.

If all else fails, let them empty out your handbag whilst you pretend not to notice.





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