Stuff I’m loving: Autumn 2017

Life lately has been a bit weird. Joe has been away this week with work mostly and I’ve been trying my best to keep busy. I feel like it’s been a good few weeks since I did a life lately update so I have a lot of boring crap to update you on as well as a few things that are actually quite interesting. Let’s start with something interesting that I was sent to review that I want to share with you.

So it is the called ROXI, which is part of the Electric Jukebox family. It is a device that connects to your TV and you can stream and listen to music, sing along karaoke style and even do name that tune style quizzes. Now, it sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it. I love all the pre-made playlists that are on there, there seems to be one for every mood and I love getting reminded of an older song that I loved way back when. I also think I mildly impressed Joe with my rapping ability. #sorrynotsorry.

Electric Jukebox Roxi

The karaoke is a massive hit with Isabelle too, despite her inability to actually read. She just kind of wails incoherently into the microphone enthusiastically. Finally, the name that tune quiz was great fun and probably my favourite feature. You can filter it by genre and decade and then it plays a bit of the song and you name that tune from multiple answers. Isabelle and I made a bit of an evening of eating popcorn, dancing like loons to music and attempting to karaoke.

You can the device in a variety of colours, I went for charcoal so it blended in with the TV and the Sky TV box etc and it doesn’t look in the slightest bit out of place.

My mother in law would love it, I already know I will end up taking it with me to family parties and things like that because it’s perfect for that kind of thing. I do love a good quiz. I think the idea is that we spend too much time with headphones on or earphones in, listening to music and ignoring each other and Roxi wants to bring back the ‘family time’ element of music. One of the most interesting facts about this was that kids spent a staggering  average of 23 hours a week isolated on their mobiles, computers, tablets and games consoles. This is 2 times what they spend conversing with their parents. Obviously this is most likely to be older kids as my daughter is only 3 and although she has screen time, it isn’t to this extent and she doesn’t have her own devices.

I just think this would be so funny with lots of family members of different ages and generations, all sat around talking about and listening to music from their era. Gosh I sound like such a Nana.

Ok, moving on to other things I have been loving this month (this falls under boring crap I think) and that is, without a doubt, cosy knitwear.

Cosy Knitwear | Porridge and Parenting

I went and lost my tiny mind in Primark and came out with what might be the snuffliest jumper you have ever seen. I have worn it pretty much every day this week and actually had to have a word with myself to take it off and wash it. Also, what is with this weather? It starts off all chilly and rainy so I crack out the jumpers and then throughout the day it gets hotter and hotter until I finally start to get genuinely concerned that I’m going to spontaneously combust due to overheating. I need to learn from my mistakes and wear a lighter top under my jumpers but I just love the snuggly fabric on my skin.

Cosy Knitwear | Porridge and Parenting

Finally, in the interesting category it was the Britmums Bib’s awards this weekend down in London so I thought I would link up to all the bloggers who won below, so you can go and check out their blogs and show them some love.

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The winners were so well deserved. I’m hoping to actually attend the ceremony next year, though I doubt I will be up for an award it would be great to go and meet all my favourite bloggers!


*I was sent the Roxi to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.




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