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Living in the fourth trimester.

Isn’t it bliss when you’re in the baby bubble?

Little Penelope is now 7 weeks old and we are well and truly head over heels. I find it funny though, quite how much she looks like her older sister.

Living in the fourth trimester.

My husband and I seem to make children who are little clones of one another. Though I think Penelope has a bit of my red hair, whereas Isabelle is blonde like her Dad.

As far as updates go:


I knew that this time around I wanted to breastfeed and it is going well right now.

There was a lot of pain and discomfort for the first three weeks or so. Penelope has a slight tongue tie, which I have decided to leave alone now that feeding is more comfortable. I also have a massive oversupply so much of the pain was caused by a forceful let down of milk and the baby clamping down to stop it flooding her.

Living in the fourth trimester.


But I persevered through cracked, bleeding nipple and many, many tears and now it is so easy and pain free.

She got her blood sugars tested in the hospital because of my gestational diabetes but she was all ok with that so we were free to crack on with feeding as usual. If her sugars had been low we would have been encouraged to top up with colostrum I had collected whilst pregnant or even supplement with formula I believe.


So I bought the co-sleeper crib which is next to my bed but she pretty much sleeps cuddled up to me in my bed every night. Breastfeeding is easy with her right there and she wakes every 2-3 hours for a feed and generally goes right back off to sleep.

We’re safe co-sleepers dont worry. I have nothing around her head and the duvet is round by my waist when I go to sleep too.

For now, I am very lucky with it.

Living in the fourth trimester.

Napping in the day is still on an ‘as and when’ basis where she falls asleep in the car/pram/in my arms.

I haven’t attempted to implement any kind of routine yet and I don’t plan on it for a good few weeks yet.

Everything Else

She’s a sweet baby. Very sleepy and content generally.

We have a few hours in the evening where she gets a bit overtired and cries for an hour or so which can be very frustrating but it doesn’t last forever.

I feel much more chilled out this time around.

Isabelle is the best big sister. She is such a sweetheart. So helpful and kind.

Living in the fourth trimester.

She loves to fetch things and try and make her sister laugh. She’s an absolute dream.

Overall, things are good so far. At 7 weeks we have smiles a few times a day, lots of naps and lots of cuddles. The fourth trimester for me is all about chilling out with my new baby and leaning into our new normal as a family of four.

I dont put any pressure on myself to have routines in place for sleeping or feeding and we pretty much go with the flow as far as the baby is concerned. For Isabelle, we have actually structured our routine a lot more to make sure everything we need to do for her still happens.

The juggle is very real but it is working for us.


The most difficult part for me so far is that Penelope seems to have reflux/and or a cows milk protein allergy.

She is a very sicky baby and not just normal levels of spit up after a feed. She hates to lie flat and spends most of her time in my arms or in the baby carrier.

Living in the fourth trimester.

The sick though, is something else. We’re talking arced projectile vomiting. Multiple times a day.

It is exhausting. My laundry is never-ending and I smell pretty awful most of the time too.

I found it is much worse when I eat dairy so I have cut that out completely. Not too tricky since I was mostly vegan last year and wanted to get back to that this year anyway, as I said in my New Years post.

The next step for me is cutting out soy if we still struggle with the vomiting and just seeing where we go from there.

If you have any reflux or CMPA tips please send them my way. I’m open to any suggestions right now! Fingers crossed things improve soon now I have made changes to my diet.

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