Losing your shit – Toddlers VS Parents

I really hope I am not the only parent that loses their shit sometimes. Sometimes (regularly) I have to go into the kitchen and just rest my forehead on the cold kitchen counter and count to ten.

Toddlers are beyond frustrating. This age is such an emotional rollercoaster for both them and us. Isabelle seems to go from unbelievably adorable to an absolute horror so ridiculously fast that I cant keep up. One second she is happily shouting ‘Mummy! Love youuuu’ and giving me kisses, the next she is head-butting or hitting me in the face because I have turned Peppa Pig off.

I understand the science of it all. I know she is frustrated and cannot control her emotions, believe me I have done countless hours of research on toddlers and tantrums etc. But that doesn’t make it any less unbearable sometimes.

My husband seems to find her naughtiness hilarious and tells me not to take it so personally and try to see the funny side, which is easy to say when you only see an hour or two snapshot of it every day. When it is relentless, from 6am to 6pm, I sometimes find it hard to appreciate the amazingly cute bits, because I am still reeling from an earlier display of defiance.

When I see mums or dads making little comments about how they find it funny, or they think you should just let kids be kids it literally pains me. I dont think I am strict. I let her run around causing chaos, because ‘that is what kids do’ but it is the complete ignorance of what I tell her that I cannot cope with. Being unable to leave the room for even a second, because as soon as I do she will be up on the coffee table or the dining room table, teetering precariously on the edge. Getting her down from the coffee table and putting her in time out, over and over again. She doesn’t even attempt to get down when I catch her anymore, earlier I told her to get down and she did a little dance and laughed in my face and THAT was the straw that broke the camels back. I handed her to my husband and went off for a little frustrated sob in the kitchen.

Her disregard for her own wellbeing is astonishing, she has absolutely no self preservation instinct! Keeping her alive and well seems to be becoming more and more challenging as she gets more daring in her escapades.

But I will keep plodding on, because that is what parents do. I will keep drinking unspeakable amount of caffeine and sneaking off for a little cry of frustration when I need to.

I am also keeping a mental list of all the things that particularly drive me insane so that I can teach them to her children when she has them so that the circle of life continues.





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