‘Me time’ and a toddler hurricane

My top three exciting adventures for a bit of quality ‘me time’:

1 – Going to the toilet

2 – Going for a smear test

3- A trip to the dentist

Flashback to 2014 and I was one of those smug pregnant women that was adamant that the baby would fit in around me. That I wouldn’t let becoming a parent change what I do day to day. 2 years down the line and I am reluctantly admitting defeat.

My mother in law recently got married and in an attempt to not look like a drained scruffy mum, I went and got my nails done AND I TOOK MY TODDLER. Seasoned parents are immediately shaking their heads reading this, probably muttering ‘rookie’ or ‘fool’ under their breath. I however was convinced that if I armed myself with enough distraction (chocolate buttons and Peppa Pig on the tablet) I would be able to have a 25 minute appointment no problem.

Turns out, in 25 minutes a toddler can cause absolute chaos and destroy a thoughtfully put together Easter display pretty effectively.

Just six short weeks ago, I attempted to take her with me to an eyebrow appointment at the beauticians, which was an absolute failure. She climbed out of her pushchair and insisted on sitting on me (I was lying on the beauticians bed/table) and proceeded to shout ‘NO, GO’ at the beautician for the duration of the appointment and trying to bat her hands away every time they got near my face.

Maybe I am too optimistic, or stupid.  I think that I see how cute and innocent she looks when she is asleep though, and forget just how much of a toddler hurricane she can be. 95% of the time I love it, don’t get me wrong. But I have definitely learnt the lesson that I need a bit of time without her just so that I can continue looking and functioning like a normal human woman.


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