My Blogging Mistakes and Moving Forwards

Ah blogging. It’s a funny old thing.

I am definitely not doing it right. I am a member of all the blogging groups on Facebook, the ones where you can find opportunities, get tips and talk about SEO (I still don’t understand it fully). Just reading about all of the stuff people talk about or ask questions about, makes me sure I am definitely not a ‘career’ blogger. I’m simply not putting as much in as a lot of other people.

I have an Instagram account that I have fell out of love a little bit with. It’s actually funny to scroll through my pictures and see all the different periods of time where I tried different ‘themes’ to make my account feel more ‘me’. There was the ‘everything bright and white’ phase, the brightly coloured phase, the foodie phase and I seem to be in a leafy brown things phase right now. I think moving forwards I am just going to post what I want, when I want to.

I’m not going to worry about growth or likes.

I got all stressed about Facebook so I deleted my blog page over there and then went and did the same with my Twitter account. I just don’t see the point in having a presence on social media platforms that I don’t actually use. All I was using Twitter for was to automate links to my old blog posts in the hope that someone might click on them. Facebook was much the same, I shared a meme here or a viral video there but that was about it. I wasn’t engaging with anyone or growing my following or enjoying either of the platforms overall.

Then Mark Zuckerberg released his statement.

You know, the one about how he is going to be changing the Facebook algorithm so that you see more fiends and family stuff and less business and blog stuff. So for me, removing my blog account from Facebook was the right decision. My reach was already pretty terrible over there, why stress about it further? Bye Bye Facey-B.

So my plan is to concentrate on two areas:

Instagram and here, on my blog.

I enjoy Instagram. I love scrolling through peoples feeds and my news feed. I love seeing all kinds of different pictures: the more real instant snapshots make me laugh and are relatable but the beautiful curated feeds make me happy and give me inspiration too. Instagram gets a lot of flack from only showing the best bits of peoples day and I simply don’t think thats entirely true. There are tonnes of accounts where you can get ‘real life’ pictures. Messy homes, tantrumming children etc. I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone having a beautiful Instagram feed where they show off gorgeous, tidy corners of their home, personally. It is so easy to unfollow, if an account is making you feel jealous or miserable – just unfollow it! Simple.

Blogging in 2018

Here on the blog, I am going to concentrate less on trying to get reviews or sponsored posts and just write for me. I find it cathartic. I enjoy sitting here at my desk with a coffee, a lit candle and just writing down all the random crap in my head. Whether or not people read it is a different matter, I am still going to keep writing.

In terms of reviews and sponsored content…

I have done a few reviews in the past where I have been so excited that a brand wanted to work with me that I snapped up the offer of reviewing something and then actually found it hard to write a whole post about. I think that comes across in the post too, it feels forced and dragged out. I have always been honest in my reviews – sure – that’s just common courtesy as I would hate to recommend something and then have you go out and buy it and hate me afterwards. But my mantra moving forwards will be that if I don’t get a genuine spark of excitement about an opportunity or if it isn’t something I would happily go out and spend my own money on – then I won’t review it or accept the collaboration.

Looking back.

Weirdly, my most popular post is one about What to Pack for Center Parcs and in second place is a post about Hand, foot and mouth. Just goes to show that no matter how long you spend trying to be funny or original, you just can’t predict what people are going to want to read. I remember spending hours writing a (what I thought was funny) post on finding your tribe of mum friends and that post never gets any views nowadays!

Looking forwards.

So my plan is just to write. To write about whatever I’m thinking, quite simply because I enjoy it. To occasionally look at my Google search history and think ‘Ok, what have I been searching for, what have I learnt from it, can I write a post about what I found out that might be of some use to others’.

Though I probably won’t write a post about my latest search though ‘How old is Philip Schofield’ – I don’t even know why I needed to know that piece of information.


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