My Gosh June is Expensive

My daughter turns four soon.

How crazy is that?

How am I the mother of an almost four year old?? She is at that age now where she knows what she wants too… a billion expensive presents, an epic party involving everyone she has ever met and everything else in between.

Kids have absolutely no sense of how much stuff costs do they?

It’s hilarious trying to explain it to them too. June is already an expensive month because of fathers day, a number of family birthdays and our holiday but as a parent I find myself wanting to spend every penny we have buying our daughter anything she wants.

Which I know is totally insane and I won’t be doing it – don’t worry. It’s a fine and difficult line to tread isn’t it? Wanting to treat them and give them nice things and yet trying so hard not to spoil them.

At the moment she is really into Spirit and Mia and Me on Netflix, but they seem to be US shows or Australian shows or something because every single toy relating to them is ridiculously overpriced and hard to find.

I’ve decided I’m going to do up the spare room as a nice playroom for her instead.

It’s something we definitely struggle with.

Especially as she is an only child. I cant even imagine how expensive it must be to have more than one child.

We already have swimming and ballet to pay for, which is pricey enough. I cant imagine having four or five kids all with their own hobbies? I take my hat off to anyone managing it – really I do. How do they do it without taking out a second mortgage? Or living off credit cards? Kids are so expensive!

There is actually this really interesting new tool called the Consumer Credit Index, which shows you how many millions of people each year are applying for short term credit and it even breaks down the data by city and averages stuff out for you. It satisfies the nosey Parker in me.

I mean, I don’t think we are too extravagant. I dress pretty much top to toe in Primark, we shop at Aldi and we try to go out for walks or use our National Trust passes instead of big expensive days out to theme parks or what not. Some people are amazing though and manage to live on so little and save a fortune. I find it fascinating.

I do find it interesting, other peoples finances.

Which is a bit wrong to admit isn’t it. A bit crass almost I think. But nevertheless – it’s true… I love reading about how other people budget and how they manage their finances. I know I’m weird.

One of my favourite threads on Mumsnet are the ones where people are like ‘I have ¬£200 for food for the month, I need to feed 6 people every day. Is it do-able?!’ and then everyone jumps in with all these amazing hacks and tips for making your money stretch further. Like freezing milk (apparently that is actually possible!) or making a whole chicken make 12 meals or something mental (not one I try as a vegan but interesting nonetheless).

Or even better are the ones where people actually break down their monthly budget. Theres something weirdly satisfying about seeing how much other people spend on takeaways each month.

I cant believe I just admitted that on the internet.




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