My top 5 bloggers/vloggers and why I think you should follow them too.

I love to read. I love to read fiction but more than anything, I am a nosy bugger who loves to read about other peoples lives. Blogs were made for people like me. Not only do I Google absolutely everything before I buy it but I am an advertisers dream. Show me someone wearing something rose gold and not only do I want it, but I am likely to immediately go and buy it. I love to read peoples opinions and part of me (a large part) also loves to read about peoples parenting struggles. Sounds awful, but it is nice to know you aren’t alone. So I thought I would write a post listing my all time favourite bloggers and vloggers and more importantly, whyI love them. Here goes:

Toby and Roo
Toby and Roo is a blog written by the lovely Harriet and her site describes itself as ‘sharing the wins and woes of parenting’. I adore her blog. I dont think I have read every post on there as she has been going for a while, but I would say I’m not far off. It is one of those blogs where I read one post and just spend hours getting lost in the site reading everything she has written, her post titles drag you in. She is opinionated, feisty and seems like someone I would love to be friends with. I also love that she refers to her children as feral, they would get along well with my own in that case! She says and blogs about all the things we think but don’t dare say and she does it in the most hilarious way.  I think this truly is my favourite blog at the moment and I really hope she starts to do YouTube – I think her Vlogs would be hilarious! Go and check out Harriet’s social media – you will leave feeling empowered!

Write Like No One’s Watching – Charlotte Louise Taylor

Charlotte is a double threat. She is one of my favourite bloggers and you tubers. She is the most friendly, down to earth person and she makes you feel like you are her best friend in the world in the way she talks to the camera. I would say I tend to watch Charlotte’s YouTube channel more often than I read her blog (though she is the most eloquent, beautiful writer), but I think I am also right in saying she is probably a little more active over on YouTube, where she is part of the Channel Mum team. Her family are gorgeous, I really enjoy her hauls and Slimming World Updates (the reason I joined myself a few weeks ago) and she posted a recipe on her blog for the best roast potatoes in the world that changed my life (potatoes ARE life, Okay?). Her beautiful daughter Daisy is currently in hospital recovering from surgery for cleft repair and a few other things so I wish Charlotte, Daisy and the whole family all the luck in the world and a speedy recovery. Go and have a look at Charlotte’s blog or head over to her YouTube channel- it’s like a warm hug with a good friend over a cup of tea.

Brummy Mummy of 2

Emma is the writer behind Brummy Mummy of 2 and she is exactly what it says on the tin. I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday at a ‘brummy mummy meet up’ and she was in person the same as how she comes across on YouTube, hilarious, chatty and very friendly. Emma’s blog posts make me laugh so hard I have to try not to wee and she is completely relatable and willing to tell it how it is, tantrums and all. Her YouTube (link here) is more of the same, but with a healthy dose of stationary hauls and weekend vlogs documenting her family adventures. She has a very successful Facebook page and what some (not I) might describe as an unhealthy love for Mr Bloom. Go check out Emma’s social media – you won’t regret it, but make sure you aren’t sat in a quiet library or something because I promise you will laugh out loud.

Lara Joanna Jarvis – Adventures of a Mum

I have only recently discovered Lara’s YouTube channel but I already love it. She is also part of Channel Mum and is one of those YouTubers that I wish I was, but know I will never be. Her make up is immaculate, her house is beautiful and everything is all white and pretty. Lara herself is very friendly and very into being healthy and does a lot of handy How To videos, which I really enjoy. She also has a blog as well which I also really like, again it is just so beautiful and her photography is amazing. She is just so damn trendy and pulls off a red lip like a boss. Head over to Lara’s YouTube and blog for all things family, travel, beauty and health and come away feeling inspired!

Giovanna Fletcher – Giovannas World

Not only is Gi the author of some of my favourite books (Billy and Me is a must read) but she is also one of my favourite YouTubers. She is the epitome of positivity. Gi just radiates happiness and oh my goodness her boys are gorgeous little cherubs. I love her Monday Mum-days series and she has also just published a book which I will hopefully be getting my hands on this weekend! Every now and again Gi’s husband (you might know him…Tom Fletcher from McFly/McBusted) pops up in a video which is a happy little surprise for a 90’s baby like myself, huge McFly and Busted fan over here, and their whole family just seems like the kind of perfect family you see at the park, playing with their gorgeous children and you glance over at them, wondering how the hell they are holding it all together so perfectly and making this parenting thing look so damn easy. If like most mums, you need an injection of sunshine into your life, head on over to Gi’s channel, where she is all about supporting other mums and lifting each other up to take on this parenting thing together.

My Top 5 blogger and vloggers (mainly mummy bloggers)


There you have it, a list of my top 5 (there are many more). Let me know if you do go and check any of these guys out and what you think. Or if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them!



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  1. It was seeing this that has only JUST introduced me to Toby and Too (where the hell have I been!?) Loving Harriets blog and already follow Emma’s – will check the others out. xx #TheListLinky

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